White teeth - how? From the worn yellow teeth to white teeth, increased comfort and a beautiful smile.

Nice teeth and a beautiful smile is something most of us want, and actually it is possible to get. First, it is important to understand that it is normal for teeth showing signs of aging. Daily wear means that pearly white teeth begin to lose their luster. But with a little basic care, and maybe a little professional help, you can still get the youthful and beautiful smile again. Most important for a beautiful smile and good oral hygiene is brushing. Brushing removes dental plaque which forms on tooth surfaces. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily, remains the main defense against dental problems. Change simultaneous toothbrush every three or four months and select the daily toothpaste without bleach. Every other month you can then use a toothpaste with abrasive itself to remove plaque. Go regularly to the dentist and get this cleaned teeth and thereby eliminate plaque and tartar.

White teeth and cosmetic options

Talk to your dentist about your options for whiter teeth. Including cosmetic dentistry and more permanent changes such as plastic processing, painting and molding of enamel. Plastic Treatments can cover blemishes and treat broken teeth. Painting as a coating on your teeth, can treat spaces or permanently stained teeth. Shaping of the enamel which changes the contour on your teeth to create a smooth surface is a good opportunity to clear uneven teeth.

Professional cosmetic dentistry is dental treatment that contributes to a more beautiful and harmonious smile. Typically these are crooked or worn teeth restored with plastic, porcelain or brace but also whitening how yellow and stained teeth are whiter and thus healthier looking. The following focuses on both plastic and porcelain as in tooth whitening. Find out what options you can try to get white teeth, and what you should not get to grips with.

Plastic or porcelain?

Basically, the dentist will use plastic because plastic is beautiful and very durable with a lifespan of up to 10 years. Concomitant treatment can be performed without drilling into the tooth and thus avoids the need to hone in on a healthy tooth. Plastic or composite has the same color as the tooth, and can therefore be used as plastic facade or filling. In those situations where the plastic is not appropriate, be substituted porcelain. Typically, a ceramic front also called porcelain facade. For example, the dentist will often suggest porcelain facades, if the tooth or teeth are already very bored because of old fillings. For both plastic and ceramic applies that the material is glued to the tooth, creating a strong durable bond to the tooth enamel. Plastics can usually be glued directly onto the tooth without grinding and performed as a rule directly in the clinic and requires only one visit. Cosmetic plastic treatment of the incisors will usually only involve small portions of the tooth. Is it cosmetic dentistry done properly and with modern plastic materials shall subsequently be indistinguishable from the tooth, and the plastic should feel smooth and natural as tooth enamel.

Porcelain Facade

Cosmetic dentistry with porcelain will usually require that the tooth grinding a greater or lesser extent, which must be taken imprint and produced temporary replacements in plastic. The manufacture of porcelain work is done at a dental laboratory and therefore takes a few weeks and require multiple visits to the clinic. It is always necessary to cover the The entire front of the tooth with a thin shell of porcelain. It is also called 'Ceramic facade' or 'Porcelain facade' or 'Laminate crown'. Is tooth severely damaged or must it be very up it will often be necessary beslibe entire tooth and apply a porcelain crown, also known as a ceramic crown. The treatment is relatively expensive. For all types of cosmetic dentistry with porcelain on the front teeth is that there should not use metal or metal-ceramic crowns with metal stops of light reflection, whereby the tooth gets a dead grayish tinge. Whether you should choose plastic or porcelain depends on both temper teeth health status and economy, and can effectively be evaluated only from person to person, why cosmetic dentistry always requires a feasibility study. Get always asks what guarantee should apply, if problems arise, be repaired or if the tooth needs to change.

Tooth whitening at the dentist

By getting out a tooth whitening at the dentist, you are guaranteed a visible and safe result. This is because the dentist has experience with tooth whitening and will always check if your enamel is resistant to the bleaching. Can your tooth enamel does not tolerate bleaching dentist will tell you and may come with other solutions. Studies show that between 30 and 80 percent are transient pain. You have to bleach as seldom as possible, because it has side effects. It etches a tiny bit on the surface of teeth each time, and it can cause pain in the teeth. Typically disappears within the first day, but a few patients may have tooth pain that lasts longer. At the dentist is teeth whitening between one half and one hour and lasts for about two years.

Teeth whitening at home or dentist

If bleach is strong enough, you will get an equally good result at home to whiten teeth as if you get it done by a dentist. Tooth Whitening for home use was introduced in the 1980s. Since then solutions with higher levels of real substance karbamidperoxid. Bleaching agents are offered today with forces on 22 and 35%, and are of the same type used by dentists. At the same time is designed teeth whitening gel with a much more solid consistency such that the gel is left on the teeth and does not run, as well as the development of new and improved dental translucent. Quick explanation is tooth whitening know that you make a cast of his teeth through the included teeth shine and a little warm water. Next, put some drops whitening gel from a syringe in dental splint. Dental splint are then keeps in his mouth for 20 to 30 minutes. Repeat the treatment until you have achieved the desired result. If in doubt, talk to your dentist.

What causes yellow discolored teeth?

The typical reason for discolored teeth are dyes in food and beverages. The dyes, especially from coffee, tea, red wine and carrots can penetrate the tooth enamel and discolor teeth. If you smoke, the tar in cigarettes cause yellow stains on teeth. The best advice to avoid smoking brown teeth is to quit smoking, which also has many other health benefits. An old advice says that cleanse your mouth with water after coffee and cigarettes, one can reduce the risk of discoloration, but it's a hoax without scientific evidence. Rinsing the mouth helps to get the acid away and reduce the risk of acid damage, but it does not whiten teeth. Avoid snacks with candy, cola and other sugary drinks throughout the day. The sugar will plaque, a film of bacteria, to produce the acid, which attack dental enamel, resulting in tooth decay. If you eat sweets, eat it as dessert, and brush your teeth afterwards. - Click about plaque, tartar, tooth cleaning and oral hygiene >>

Whitening toothpaste

The EU has decided that over the counter may not contain more than 0.1 percent hydrogen peroxide. This dose is not enough to whiten the teeth. To achieve a whitening effect, there must be at least 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. In the U.S. you can buy toothpaste with bleach. It is as mentioned not allowed in Europe, and therefore whitening toothpastes are not more effective than regular toothpaste. It's basically the same ingredients. Toothpaste can not make your teeth whiter. However, it is an experiment worth trying with toothpaste with abrasive, whose teeth color is caused by dirt. For example, you as a smoker or daily consumer of coffee and tea with advantage to use toothpaste with abrasive bimonthly such as Colgate Max White One or Zendium Mild Whitener.

Whitening chewing gum

There are a lot of chewing gum products that promise a whiter smile, but chewing gum has no whitening effect. Chewing gum can either bleach or remove deposits on your teeth. On the other hand helps sugarless chewing gum eg V6 to reduce the formation of plaque on the teeth.

Myths and products without power

An old advice says you should eat strawberries if you want white teeth. But it is a myth. Indeed, such a strawberry cure discouraged as fruit acid etches the enamel. And just the enamel is essential to protect your teeth. Nor Rapid White and similar products, which brushes a whitening gel on your teeth is not optimal. Among other things, because there is rarely sufficient to bleach the product of the fact that it gives an effect. And so it is difficult to control yourself. The product must namely sit and work on your teeth for about ½ hour. Throughout the treatment may lips and gums do not come in contact with bleach, and one should not swallow it. Nor Ionic White and similar products are optimal. It is a rail with a whitening gel in which you have to chew together around. During treatment, flashing a UV light. The bleaching agent in these products are so weak that it will not have a visible effect on the teeth. The light looks great and effective, but light has no effect and is in no way helps to make teeth whiter.

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