Health insurance. About travel insurance and medical insurance for trips and holidays abroad.

Remember the rules for travel health insurance. Always carry your Social security card as well as EU health card when traveling abroad, and travel while never outside the country, without taking a position on a possible travel insurance. This applies whether you are going on holiday in the sun, skiing, autumn, studying, business travel or detachment. Which insurance Mon possible to choose really depends on wherever the journey goes, how long the journey, what to do and how well it will protect itself.

Health insurance and vacation in Europe

This is a holiday to be held in Europe, all have a basic coverage through the National Health Services that apply to journeys up to 1 month. A coverage but is limited in many areas. By vacation beyond 30 days, or by studying, business travel and work in an EU country, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, you should contact the local authorities and receive an EU health card, the BLUE health card. - Click Information on International Health insurance under EU rules >>

Return home from vacation and ski accident injuries are for own account

According to general travel rules you have to pay transport home from ski resorts countries such as France, Austria and Italy, if anything happens. Here, the cost of an ambulance, run into a very, very large amounts, like a conventional air stretcher can easily prove costly. Therefore, a travel insurance covering at least the repatriation, is important. Last year loss ratio 1.21% of reported ski injuries for health insurance. Of these, almost 20% so severe that the person had to be flown home. This does not only skiing injuries, but for all holidays and trips to completely general, even to pay your return if you are injured abroad, as you might after a hospital stay "stands on the street."

Private insurance - repatriation insurance

At ihi travel insurance, European, Gouda and other companies have made it possible to buy new private insurances. For instance, an "Annual Travel Insurance Europe", which provides coverage for repatriation, ruined vacation and recall. In addition, sustained coverage in the popular targets such as Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Tunisia and Croatia. Or an "Annual Travel Insurance World" in favor of coverage when traveling outside of Europe which are not covered by health insurance, and therefore it is absolutely necessary even to obtain insurance. For most, a hospital stay, surgery or emergency treatment by a specialist abroad have major economic consequences. An "Annual Travel Insurance World" covers the whole world, one year on all holidays for up to one month.

The public insurance (travel insurance)

Through legislation provided coverage areas for public travelers - for example:

  • Within the EU: If you get ill or have an accident during his travel in the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and several other smaller European countries, covering health insurance is not the cost of repatriation to a hospital.
  • Outside the EU: there is no health insurance care in non-EU countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Tunisia, Morocco, and Croatia. In countries outside the EU, it is not only the financial assistance for repatriation, which is cut away, but any kind of help.

This means that the hospital stay, cost of medication, counseling, practical assistance, recommendation of hospitals, and other support is not present in countries outside the EU unless you have taken out insurance - otherwise you stand for a possible hospital stay directly "on the street ".

Holidays and travel outside Europe

When traveling outside Europe, you are not covered by the National Health Services. As mentioned in the previous section, 30 countries such as Turkey and Egypt lost health insurance coverage for both medical treatment and repatriation, and have no insurance can be very, very expensive and quickly run up huge expenses. And when a hospital stay can be quite expensive, it is important to have travel insurance, which should primarily cover medical, hospital expenses and repatriation. Travel insurance for holidays outside Europe can be taken as an annual travel insurance or an insurance policy that applies only to a particular trip.

About EU health card (Health Card)

EU health card must be used when traveling to EU countries plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, where the journey is not covered by public health insurance. EU health card, the maximum valid for 1 year at a time, includes business travel, au pair stay, unpaid internships and study as well as holiday or study trips of more than 30 days, or there may be a need for treatment due to an existing or chronic disease. When traveling to eg EU countries should medbruínge an EU health card, available from local authorities. Coverage includes medical and hospital care, dental care, medicine, etc. as needed during their stay. Coverage is on the same terms as the countries' own citizens. If you have your own payment for medical care in the country where you seek treatment, you have to pay that portion.

International Health Insurance

Eg on a 6-week holiday in France, you will for the first 30 days will be covered by his health insurance card. For the rest of your holiday, you should have brought the blue EU Health Card. Be aware that the blue card does not include eventual repatriation. There is no cover for treatment in private hospitals or in special hospital class, unless the public health insurance in the country, providing the same coverage to its own citizens. Particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on public hospitals departments, which provide an extra service to patients. This service is called "exploratory class" and will cost extra. For example, such additional costs will not be recovered. The signatories therefore never a consideration in "Sonder Klasse", but instead contact if possible, travel health insurance at the European Insurance and speak with them.

EU health card benefit for chronically ill

EU Health Insurance Card is a benefit for the chronically ill, who can now get treatment while abroad. So far, the treatment of chronic illness abroad typically not covered by public health insurance, but with the blue card, people who have a chronic illness, get treatment or verification in connection with residence in an EU country. The card thus solves the problem that many chronically ill can not get acceptance to purchase a travel insurance from private companies. One can still not leave the country to get a treatment, but you have a chronic disease and will need treatment, it becomes much easier. EU health card gives no right to go abroad for treatment or to delay necessary treatment to make it abroad. You become ill during a stay in an EU country gives no free repatriation. The latter is related to that European health insurance are entitled to treatment under the same conditions that apply to publicly insured in the country you seek help. If you have your own payment for medical care in this country, it means therefore that they have to pay.


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