Toothache. Acute toothache, Painkillers for toothache and Out-of-hours Dental Care.

Toothache is usually express an inflammatory process in the dental nerve, or the surrounding bone, or the gums. The pain may result from the swelling and inflammation provides excess pressure inside the tooth or bone, or tooth nerve have been irritated as a result of a new load or impact of the tooth, but may also occur around the teeth with periodontal disease. And teeth eruption - this applies especially in very young children when they start teething. It can also happen later in life when wisdom teeth erupt, and there might not be enough room in the mouth. Or there can be no untreated caries in a tooth, dental root inflammation or infection of the tooth's root tip, which can develop into a tooth abscess. - Severe pain requires the dentist immediately.

Out-of-hours dental care

Dental practices are normally open during the daytime and sometimes at weekends. If you have a problem outside these hours, you may need to be seen urgently. If you are in discomfort, you can first try helping yourself by taking painkillers. If your problem is more urgent, you can access out-of-hours dental services in your area by calling Your dentist, who should have an answerphone message with details of how to access treatment out-of-hours .

Dental Caries (Teeth Cavities) Cause Toothache and Jaw Pain

A slight toothache or Caries pain in a tooth can be managed with painkillers, but the book simultaneously appointment with your dentist before it gets worse, because it gets. Tooth Pain relieved best with ibuprofen, is available under over the counter in the name Ipren. Adult dose: 1-2 Ipren tablets (2-400 mg) as needed, 3 times a day. Can be combined with Panodil to improve efficacy (250-500 mg three times daily). Pain from the gingival and oropharyngeal treated with Chlorhexidine (0.1-0.2%) of 2 to 3 times daily in combination with Ipren and / or Aspirin as a painkiller. Infection with pain treated with Penicillin, which requires a prescription from a doctor or dentist. But regardless of what contact the dentist by brewing toothache and severe pain not relieved by painkillers and at large swelling, tooth abscess and fever. - Click here Pharmacies and Chemists >>

Emergency Dentist is not free

Occurs acute toothache outside your dentist's normal trading hours, it is possible to contact a call dentist. Here, you can not book an appointment, but it is required that you come to. All may receive reimbursement for treatment on presentation of health insurance cards, but the back is your patient share what you have to pay in cash. In areas where there is no other dental duty system, a number of patients targeted for emergency medical service, if the dental pain. However, doctors are not trained to treat teeth and are therefore often powerless when you meet up with a toothache or a broken tooth. In the event of a serious dental injury, severe toothache, a broken tooth, etc, and where you stand without local dental service, you should nevertheless contact the nearest emergency room.

Toothache can be exacerbated by flight

The pain in a tooth can be exacerbated when the atmospheric pressure changes at takeoff and landing. This phenomenon is called barodontologi and has been known since the balloon flight childhood. The reason that dental problems can be exacerbated in the heights, as the case may also be at great depths is that an already damaged tooth is affected by changes in atmospheric pressure. When one is already in the air, one can not really do anything. The only advice is that you regularly lets his teeth look, and not wait until problems arise.

About Dental pain and Toothaches

One is where the nerve inside a tooth is irritated because of caries in the tooth, or a new filling in the tooth or blow to the tooth. The second is the inflammation around the tooth root tip inside the lower jaw because the nerve is dead and infected by the bacteria as a result of impact of the tooth or the hole in the tooth or tooth of the large loads. Toothache feels like a bottle of tooth or jaw. At the same time the tooth will typically be very sensitive to the cold / hot and sweet / sour. Other symptoms may include pain on chewing, tension in the jaw and swelling outside of the tooth, possible fever. Maxillary sinusitis can feel like toothache in several teeth in upper jaw at once. Symptoms are severe pain over the maxillary, fever and pus from the nostrils. Jaw Hollow inflammation may occur in connection with inflammation of the teeth (root tip, dental root inflammation) and treated with antibiotics.



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