Dental Abscess. About Root Abscess, Infected tooth's root, Symptoms, Infection and Treatment. What causes a Tooth Abscess?

A dental abscess, is an infection caused by bacteria from the teeth or periodontal pockets, which grows over a few days and hurts. The pain increases, because it covers more and more about the swelling. The tissue may eventually not stand the pressure, there is a hole in the abscess and inflammation runs from. The actual pain persists, but are replaced by a soreness in the area. The reason that a tooth abscess occurs may be due to periodontitis, paradentosis or incipient teeth. If your health is not too good, or whose immune system is weakened, the tooth abscess easier to occur. It is important to find and remove the cause of tooth abscess. Is it not removed the cause, tooth abscess usually come back. Therefore, search dentist.

How to detect a Tooth Abscess?

How to detect an Abscess? A tooth abscess often discovered accidentally when you sense tension and throbbing in the area which is sore if you press it. Moreover, the skin is usually red and warm and can be enforced. Other symptoms may be soreness when swallowing, swelling under the jaw, a tightening sensation, fever or bad overall well-being. It is important that a tooth abscess treated in time. - Danger signals: It is high time to seek treatment if you are experiencing poor general-being, swelling up to the eye, soreness when swallowing, fever or tenderness and swelling under the jaw. If there are holes or punctures abscess, one gets immediately better, but if the cause is not removed, the abscess can come back anytime.

Why Dental Abscess?

Why do you get an Abscess? Dental Abscesses can come with us all, no matter how well we take care of our teeth, but most commonly occurs in people who do not regularly go to the dentist and by periodontitis where the tooth nerve is dead or Periodontitis where some of the tooth tissue is dead or teeth that are emerging, but where the normal eruption prevented such a wisdom tooth, which does not fit in the jaw. You are particularly vulnerable if you have teeth that are poorly maintained, if you have diabetes or immunosuppression, and smoking can cause blisters, boils and sores in the mouth. If a tooth abscess treated in time and the cause removed, there are no consequences. If a tooth abscess however, are not treated properly and in time, the inflammation can spread to the blood. The inflammation may then settle in the lungs, heart or brain and cause a life-threatening condition.

Treatment of Dental Abscesses

How is a Tooth Abscess? It is critical to seek dentist if you have an incipient dental abscess. The cause can sometimes be found by regular dental examination, where it usually is necessary to have a dental X-ray. Treatment will also depend on the Abscess cause such as tooth root inflammation, paradentosis or inflammation around a tooth, which are emerging such as a wisdom tooth. Treatment is aimed initially at providing free drainage of infection, ensure that infection does not spread and stop the formation of further inflammation. Often require treatment to be given penicillin. In the case of the cut hole in the abscess, it may be necessary to embed a drain. The drain should be changed daily until there is no more inflammation of the back. And only then can the actual treatment begins. Treatment should be started as soon as possible and may be in the form of a root canal, where the dead, infected tooth nerve is removed or purged by a periodontal pocket bacteria. - Click to read about root canal treatment and root tip infection >>

What can I do about a Tooth Abscess, here and now?

What can you do? If you can get to and otherwise have against it, can you yourself to take the pressure, puncture the abscess with a needle or the like after "sterilized" the needle over a flame. Reduce the risk of simultaneous infection by rinsing the mouth with eg 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with clean water. A particular hydrogen peroxide solution to the disinfection of sores, and to rinse the mouth after tooth extraction. Should not replace a subsequent visit to the dentist.

Tooth Abscesses are treated with antibiotics. Frequently used Penicillin against tooth abscesses, and often in rather large doses, but only a few days. Can not tolerate Penicillin use of alternative antibiotics such as metronidazole or erythromycin, but you should not settle with antibiotics, as it will not solve the problem in the longer term. - Generally relieved tooth pain and slight toothache often with ibuprofen, which can be purchased over the counter as Ipren. Can to achieve improved efficacy may be combined with Panodil acting antipyretic.


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