Elbow & forearm. About the treatment of tennis elbow and golf elbow and causes pain and mouse arm

Many cases of tennis elbow moves by themselves without proper treatment. The vast majority of cases proceeds with what is known as conservative therapy. That is to say without any treatment to operate. With long-lasting symptoms despite conservative treatment selects some surgeons to operate. Others advise against surgery. Please talk to a specialist in the field.

What causes tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylit)

Tennis elbow affects not only tennis players who are just making an effort the muscles in that area much. It can affect people in other sports. People who in their professional performing repetitive monotonous movements can also get tennis elbow. It is an infection of the muscle attachment at the outer side of the forearm near the elbow. The pain caused by unilateral repetitive motion of the wrist or forearm, such as tennis, working with mice or by painting. Symptoms are often insidious and can be very difficult to get rid of again. Relief combined with chiropractic care or physical therapy can often shorten the process significantly. It is believed that the movement is going on with bent elbow, while the hand gripper hard hold of something is particularly stressful. It may be a racquet or a tool. This is probably the main cause of the disorder. - How do you feel a tennis elbow? The symptoms usually start with a gradual onset of pain around the bony protrusion on the elbow outside. It's painful if someone presses the field. If you bend your wrist upward against resistance, there will be pain equivalent to bone protrusion. The pain may by now beam up into the upper arm and forearm along the outer side. There may be a feeling of weakness in the wrist, so it is difficult to do things that require you to use the forces at hand.

How is the disorder?

In the beginning it is enough to spare the intestine and possibly supplement with anti-inflammatory medication for a short period such as Naproxen (NSAID). In more severe discomfort can try plaster bandaging the elbow and wrist in a few weeks. You can try the blockades similar to the sore area at muskeludspringet. That is, the injection with a corticosteroid, as well as a local anesthetic. Some are trying to treat with ultrasound over the sore area where the shock wave therapy has proved extremely effective against chronic pain and sports injuries such as mouse arm, tennis elbow and golfer's elbow. It is not uncommon with radical improvement after 2-3 treatments. Possibly. operation consists of a small cutting of the tendon at muskeludspringet. The operation causes the web is relieved in the area.

What is a golf elbow (medial epicondylit)?

This is the same state as described for "tennis elbow". The pain location is different, as irritation condition occurs late in the tissue on the inside of the forearm, rather than on the outside. By execution of a stroke in golf activate these muscles at the end of the movement, hence the name golf elbow. Typically, the cause of the symptoms a person other than golf, and often an overload damage that you may try to take in the bud after the RICE principle, ie. Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation or buy a sports towel for the elbow and put it around your elbow, but tight never saw his fingers begin to sleep or put an ice bag on the outside of the dressing as described in the section below. Then it's all about Rest (rest). No golf or second elbow stressful activity until the pain is gone. As a supplement, you can if you do not have stomach ulcers or stomach pain, try over the counter medications such Ipren 200 mg three times daily for 10 days, there is a very mild dosage most people can cope without them, or else contact your doctor for stronger medications or injection.

Mouse arm - overloading the forearm muscles

Mouse arm is the name for a condition where you have overloaded the muscles on the upper side of the forearm and their tendon attachment at the elbow, typically as a result of "mouse clicks". Congestion occurs at frequent and persistent "crack" (extension) of the wrist so that the muscles are activated in a static hold, where blood flow is reduced. The concept of mouse arm covers all the symptoms that may arise from repeated loading of muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Frequent causes are typing, writing, working with mice, repeated movements of the wrist, for example painting, kitchen work, racket sports, working with vibrating tools of or hammer. Typical symptoms are pain in the elbow outside, especially when lifting, specific handle, writing and computer work, a vague feeling of tiredness in the hand and forearm, difficulty opening and closing the hand, asleep or numb sensation in the forearm and hand, cold and sore hands and joints and possible. nocturnal pain. If you have symptoms of computer work, or want to prevent symptoms, is the effort of a better and more ergonomic working position. Treatment: If there has been tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, treatment is a relief, perhaps. sick leave, shine treatment to keep the arm and wrist at rest, maybe. rheumatic drugs (NSAIDs), cortisone injections (blockade) or physiotherapy. Has mentioned actions, combined with training of tendons, not led to satisfactory results within 3 months, the orthopedic surgeon and the surgery will be considered. When operating senetilhæftningen loosened from the bone the protrusion, which leads to a shortening of the area.

Tennis & Golf elbow, mouse arm and Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)

Shock Wave Therapy, Extra Corp. Oreal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) has been used for years, and several studies have shown promising results. Treatment form is relatively new, but more and more clinics offer shock wave therapy as an adjunct to conventional physiotherapy for example:

  • Tennis elbow, golf elbow and mouse arm
  • Calcifications in the shoulder and frozen shoulder
  • Heel Spur / Heel track - plantar fascitis
  • Achilles tendon tendinosis
  • Runner-knee and jumping-knee
  • Other chronic tissue disorders and late

Frequent movement disorders that have been shown to be susceptible to shock wave therapy (ESWT). Most of these can be treated by conventional physiotherapy, but in many cases, treatment is not enough power, why states become chronic. A typical course will consist of 3-5 treatments, each of 5-10 minutes duration.

What can be done about pain in the elbow?

Cooling: In the nascent stage, you can try to reduce the pain with ice. Do not put ice directly on your skin, but you have to get some cloth between skin and ice pack. Ice can be laid in 20 minutes at a time. Then there must be about one hour's break before you put ice on again. - Hold the arm at rest: You must take care to keep the arm at rest and avoid doing things that cause pain. After some days, you can try heating the area. - Stretching: It is stretching them. The wrist must be bent down and pressed his hand on the other hand. The elbow should be stretched out completely, and the forearm rotated inwards so the fingertips are going to point something out to the side. The stretch kept approx. 15 seconds, held a brief pause, then repeat the stretch. This is repeated many times daily. - Support Bandage: You can try to bring a dressing for tennis elbow. A so-called epicondylitspænde, which can be purchased at some sporting goods stores or from the materialist. More specific training should be conducted in consultation with the doctor or physiotherapist.

Tiger Balm - patch or gum for sore muscles

Tiger balm, camphor has been shown to be a factor when it comes to be normal muscle pain, muscular tension, and less muscle damage to life. Can be recommended for sore muscles and joints and tense muscles, where Tiger Balm promotes blood flow through the fine blood vessels under the skin. The warming effect provides comfort while the muscle is made ??soft and flexible and thus represents a good choice for sore muscles, joints, arms, legs, shoulders and neck. Tiger Balm contains: Menthol, Cajaput Oil, Clove Oil and Camphor, which is absorbed by the skin. - Tiger Balm is also available as long-acting patch that is stretchable and can be adjusted in size depending on where on the body, it should be placed. The patch can be attached to movable joints such as elbows, neck and back. Greases are not and are easy to remove from the skin.


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