Bruxism and Teeth Grinding. I grind my teeth and feel tooth pressure. Can it be treated?

Bruxism and tooth pressures are not diseases, but the normal functions. Bruxism is characterized by the grinding of the teeth and typically includes the clenching of the jaw. Bruxism means that you hard rub below and above the teeth chewing surfaces against each other, without the food to another. Tooth Pressure means that bites hard immediately, without moving the lower jaw relative to the upper jaw. Almost everyone presses or grind their teeth when they sleep. In fact we do it several times a night for periods of up to 2 minutes. Teeth that cut against each other, can provide tension headaches and sore muscles. And the sound can drive others to distraction. There is every reason to do something about it. First, the sound of teeth grinding a nuisance to the surroundings, and the teeth become worn and it is an injury that is difficult to rectify. Is it not as a young man removed teeth, one can expect that the teeth are destroyed before you get old.

Symptoms, if you often grind their teeth

When should something be done about bruxism? If you grind teeth so much that it causes damage or symptoms, you should talk to your dentist about treatment options. Symptoms may include:

  • Oppressive headaches.
  • Sore from the jaw muscles or jaw joints.
  • Very heavy wear on the teeth.
  • Sore or sensitive teeth.

As long as the teeth, jaw muscles or no symptoms, there is no reason to do anything about bruxism, but as mentioned sound may be a nuisance. Some children grind much teeth in their milk teeth and gets very dilapidated milk teeth. But they have no symptoms, they should not be treated.

Occlusal guards or splints and Dental Acupuncture

Causes of bruxism. When you cut the teeth caused by some errors in the bite, and for others it is to cut teeth just a bad habit or a sign of stress or exertion. The dentist can give you an NTI-teeth-guard, worn at night for a while. It helps to break the bad habit - even if stress is the cause. Acupuncture in dentistry is a relatively new concept, but has actually been proven effective if you cut your teeth. Even if you have used 'splints' for many years. In many you can not find the cause of teeth grinding. But if the teeth due to an improper bite together, the dentist may help align the teeth up together. Is stress the reason why you cut teeth and 'biting teeth', it's a closer look at his own situation. But before the dentist can look at whether the cause is an improper bite, and, where appropriate, remedy the problems. - Click information on occlusal function and orthodontic treatment >>

Treatment options

What can be done? It is hard to do anything about bruxism, especially when you are asleep. So you must try to eliminate or reduce the symptoms. Treatment options:

  • Inner snappy to jaw pain and headaches. Both to sleep with and to go with the day.
  • Working to break the habit if you cut or push teeth during the day or in special situations.
  • Working with stress relief, if stress is the cause.
  • Rebuild the permanent teeth, if they are very worn.
  • Use of acupuncture has proven to be an option if you 'cut your teeth'.

Talk to your dentist who can help the vast majority, no matter what the cause is and regardless of age. Perhaps through the use of Dental Acupuncture or with an NTI-teeth-guard. A relatively new patented occlusal splint, which uses a natural reflex, which means that we do not bite hard together when we have something between the front teeth.

The relief of pain and slight toothache

Generally relieved tooth pain and slight toothache often with ibuprofen, which can be purchased over the counter like Ipren. Can to achieve improved efficacy may be combined with Panodil acting antipyretic.


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