Sinusitis (or rhino sinusitis)

Sinusitis (or rhino sinusitis) is most often a complication of a cold or flu. Sinuses are identifying facial air-filled cavity, including frontal sinuses, maxillary sinuses and nasal cavities, sinuses and smaller, which is at the root of the nose. Sinusitis is an inflammation of these cavities. Typical symptoms are oppressive pain in the nose and forehead or upper jaw. There will be yellow nasal discharge, nasal blocking, so the voice can change anything. In most cases, fever and feeling generally unwell. It may hurt to bite together. It can hurt if you knock on the sinuses and the upper teeth. Many people experience pain as a toothache in the upper jaw. Smell and taste may go away. Sinusitis is not contagious.

About the treatment of sinusitis

Sinusitis is divided into acute and chronic sinusitis. In the acute sinusitis increases the symptoms over several days while nasal congestion, increased secretions in the throat, and cough and pain. Here are the main treatment nasal spray or drops and analgesic tablets, available over the counter at pharmacies. And you should drink plenty of fluids. Brands do not have any effect of nasal drops over a week, you should consult a physician. Never use nose drops for more than 10 days in a context.

Chronic sinusitis is if the symptoms have lasted more than 8 weeks and there has been more than 4 cases per year. In chronic sinusitis are often used nasal spray containing corticosteroids (allergy spray), and saline lavage of the nose. For severe symptoms may need to make a puncture bihulen under local anesthetic with subsequent saline lavage of the maxillary cavity. In some cases, sinusitis or maxillary sinusitis also be due to dental root inflammation in a molar in the upper jaw. This type of sinusitis is characterized by severe pain and a foul odor from the nose. - Click to learn more about toothache and jaw sinusitis >>

Other Good Advice

Avoid physical exertion. Avoid excessive heat or cold, when temperature changes increases the sinus pain. Saltwater flushing and saline has a beneficial effect on the nasal mucosa. Breathe steam or moist air, it can help, since the liquid thinner mucus and allows the lighter outlet. Drink lots of fluid, so the body has a high liquid content, it makes the mucus thinner. Care should be taken to lie with your head elevated while sleeping. Therefore raise the headboard of the bed you sleep in. If you have hay fever, the use of antihistamines in the pollen season. Allergy Tablets, which prevents the nose rises more than necessary. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist more than 1 week.

Sinusitis is usually due to a viral infection which can later develop into a bacterial infection. Typically it is seen as a complication of a cold or flu. Colds, allergic rhinitis (perennial rhinitis) and nasal polyps can cause the same symptoms as sinusitis. It may be difficult to determine whether the pressure in the sinuses due to a common cold or are caused by bacteria. The doctor may make a survey to find out whether you need antibiotics or not. Only when there is bacteria in the sinuses, antibiotics will help. Recurrent cases of sinusitis may by the treatment with nasal drops damage the nasal mucosa. There are more women than men who have sinusitis, and the disease occurs mostly in winter. You can go to work when you are afebrile and the pain is on the decline. Click to read about the throat, tonsils, adenoids, laryngitis and 'glandular fever' >>

Herbal and sinusitis

Sinusitis may also be treated with herbal medicines. For example, recommend a doctor and medical book author, Irene Chin, herbal OREGACYN (Oreano extract) as a natural product to counteract such bronchitis and sinusitis. - Others suggest immunostimulatory herbs for the control of bacteria, for example, Echinacea species and the Andrograhis paniculata or antikatar herbs to remove the build-up which Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright) Zingiber officinale (ginger), and capsicum species (Chilli) or mucus dissolving herbs to clear accumulations as Allium sativum (garlic) or mucous membrane tonic herbs like Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright), Berberis vulgaris (Common Barberry) and virguarea Solidago (Goldenrod). Herbs are available in tablet form eg under product names Euphrasia Complex and Andrograhis Complex. - Click and learn more about swollen glands >>


1. Asthma - the lungs, shortness of breath, tobacco smoke, smoking lungs, cold, allergy and stress.
2. Unconscious - fainting, loss of consciousness, respiration, blood pressure and circulation brain.
3. Sinusitis (or rhino sinusitis) - sequelae colds, flu, sinus, frontal sinus, nose and jaw caves.
4. Bladder infection (Cystitis) - burning urination, intimate hygiene, bacteria and urinary bladder.
5. Chest pain - pain around the heart, Angina, muscle pain, stress, anxiety, depression.
6. Diarrhea - loose bowels, travelers diarrhea, virus, infection, frequent stools, vomiting and fever.
7. Eczema - Skin disorder, Skin rash, itching, hives, allergies, zinc, cortisone and scaly eczema.
8. Fever - Body temperature above 38ºC (100.4ºF), Critical over 40.0ºC (104ºF), Inflammation.
9. Athletes foot - Ringworm of the foot, Tinea pedis, Fungal infections, Nail fungus, Scaling.
10. Burns - Fire Wounds, scalding, boiling water and fire, 1 2 3 degree, First Aid for Burns.
12. Common cold - coughing, sneezing, headache, pain on swallowing, hoarseness, sore throat.
13. Cold sores - Oral Herpes, blisters, contagious virus, sores, lips, mouth and nose.
14. Constipation - hard stool, stomach pain, abdominal pain, Herbals and digestive problems.
15. Sprains - First Aid Joint Injury, Sprained ankle, Fingers, Knee, Wrist sprain.
16. Tonsillitis - Sore Throat, Pharynx, Tonsils, Strep Throat, Mononucleosis and Scarlet fever.
17. Heartburn - stomach acid reflux, discomfort, gastric reflux, Indigestion, reflux Oesophagitis.
18. Shingles - Herpes zoster, Zoster or Zona, Chickenpox rash, Burning pain and Blistering rash.
19. Palpitations - Irregular Heartbeat, Arrhythmia, Heart rate, Stress, Sorrows and Worries.
20. Cough - Coughing cures, Dry cough, Tickling cough, Cold pneumonia and Mucus formation.
21. Headache - Cephalalgia, Forehead Pain, Frontal headache, Tension headaches and Migraine.
22. Hemorrhoids - Haemorrhoids, Bowl splashes, Itching, Rectal pain, or Rectal bleeding.
23. Hoarseness - Acute hoarseness, Hoarse voice, Dysphonia, Whisper and Weak voice.
24. Swollen glands - Lymph Nodes, Sore throat, Ear infection, Mononucleosis (Glandular fever).
25. Hay fever - Allergic Rhinitis, allergies, eyes, nose, grass pollen, birch, dust mites and fur.
26. Influenza - Flu, Influenzavirus A, B and C, Flu vaccination, Infectious, Fever and coldness.
27. Insect bites - bee stings, wasp stings, hornets, mosquitoes, fleas, poisonous, Borrelia and ticks.
28. Chlamydia - intercourse, unsafe sex, sexually transmitted diseases (STI), risk sexually active.
29. Itching - Skin itching, dry skin, sensitive skin, scabies, rash, allergy and pregnancy itching.
30. Pneumonia - high fever, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain and mycoplasma.
31. Bellyache - Stomach pain, Rumbling stomach, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Bloated stomach.
32. Menstrual Cramps - Menstrual Pain, Dysmenorrhea, Pain relief medicines and Herbal remedies.
33. Moles - Birthmarks, Melanoma, Brownish spots, Sun tanning, Ultraviolet light and Skin cancer.
34. Urticaria - Angioedema, hives, nettle, itching, redness, blisters, bumps, allergies and skin rashes.
35. Nosebleeds - epistaxis, nose bleeding, blood vessels, nostrils, cotton pad, saline, laser cautery.
36. Vomiting - throwing up, nausea, seasickness, air sickness, Morning sickness, pregnancy nausea.
37. Worms - worm infection, Threadworms, Pinworms, Tapeworms, Roundworms, Deworming.
38. Tick bites - Mites and Ticks, Borrelia, rash, paralysis, and Lyme disease, Signs and Symptoms.
39. Pain - acute pain, chronic pain, major pain, Migraine, muscle pain, Myalgia and Joint pain.
40. Insomnia - Sleeplessness, restless sleep, insomnia, sleep problems and sleeping pills.
41. Wounds - scrapes, abrasions, bleeding, wound care, tetanus vaccine and inflammation.
42. Toothache - acute toothache, Odontalgia, hole in tooth, Tooth Decay, Caries, Dental abscess.
43. Fatigue - Feeling tired, Burned out, exhaustion, tiredness, lethargy, Mental and Physical fatigue.
44. Vaginal discharge - Secretions, Vaginal catarrh, Fungus in Vagina, Odor, Itching and Infection.
45. Rashes - skin rash, eczema, allergies, dry skin, itching, rash from stress and acute rashes.
46. Warts - Foot warts, Hand warts, Finger warts, Flat warts, Treatment of Warts and removal tips.
47. Weight Loss - Overweight, fat, obesity, dieting, underweight, skinny, lifestyle and dietary advice.
48. Conjunctivitis - Red eye, Eye infection, Tearing, Eye allergies, Dry eyes and Contact lenses.
49. Earache - Ear pain, Ear infection, Fever, Earwax, Outer ear, Middle ear, Eardrum, Otitis media.
50. Respiratory problems - Dyspnea, Shortness of breath, Breathlessness, Difficulty in breathing.
11. Poisoning - Medicine, Connectors, Bites, Drugs, Fungi, Oil, First aid at the acute poisoning.

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