Sex life. About Sex after giving birth, hormonal changes and Sex without intercourse.

It is very different from pair to pair, how long it takes before they resume their sex life. However, it is plain that the woman's sex drive is reduced just after birth, which is primarily due to fatigue. If the birth has even been difficult, perhaps there is also fear of further pregnancy. The close contact that is created between mother and child, is often enough to meet women's needs for feelings and touch. Rather, it is common to man´s sex drive remains at the same level as before birth. It can last a whole year before dating again as before birth. The time can be a difficult test case for parents' relationship. It is helpful if they show each other understanding, patience and respect. Be sure to talk about what it is that happens to you, that ye not suddenly one day find that you are alienated from each other. Remember to kiss, hugs and loving words is extra important to show each other that you still love each other, although I do not have sex.

Changes in female body after after giving birth

After birth there is great change in the woman's body. Some of the hormones that have played a major role during pregnancy, will soon habitually hire again, while other hormones increase because of breastfeeding. The uterus is contracted, and there is a cleansing of blood and mucus. If there has been cut in the perineum, the doctor soon, and other wounds and lacerations heal too quickly. Changes may mean that some women get very tired after giving birth. Hormonal changes can affect women as they experience mood swings or even depression. Suddenly must use a lot of time to care for the child, and if there are older siblings, the workload will be even greater. At the same time parents may sleep too little. All this affects both mother and father.

Make time for each other

To create and maintain a good atmosphere, the couple's relationship built on trust and mutual respect. It is important for a couple to have time for themselves. Time when you are doing something together. For example, it may be a good idea to go out together regularly without children. So you get a chance to talk together undisturbed by human adults. Open and honest communication makes it all easier to cope with the tasks that come with parenthood. When you get the courage to resume your sex life after birth, so it is important that the woman is allowed to set the pace. Choose a few positions where the woman can decide how deep the man can penetrate her. This avoids the situation where the woman may experience sudden pain during intercourse. Remember also that there is nothing wrong in that it takes several months to restore your balance in sexual life. And then be aware that not all things are as they used to be - before birth and before you were parents.

When can you have intercourse again?

When you are ready to have intercourse after childbirth, start slowly. It is important that the woman is allowed to set the pace, and that man is cautious and considerate. It can be a good idea to choose a time of day where you are least tired, and then you ensure you peace and tranquility. It is well known that when parents want to have fun together, waking the child. Therefore, it may be necessary to schedule time for sex as well as possible. It is very different when couples have intercourse after childbirth. It is important if the woman has been cut and sewn in the perineum, or whether there have been other cuts or wounds. It is also important how fast and how well the wounds healed. Meanwhile, the woman's breasts often very sensitive, while she was breastfeeding, like many women the first three months experienced a rather dry vagina due to hormonal changes. I must together find out how it is with you. After about six to eight weeks usually womb to have withdrawn completely together and have the same shape and location in the abdomen as before birth.

Sex without intercourse

It can take months before the balance in your sex life is restored. In that time it might be nice to be together without any real intercourse. There are so many other ways to show each other love, affection and desire for sex. One can talk. I can hold about each other, you can kiss and cuddle with each other. Or we can help each other to orgasm with fingers, mouth, a vibrator, or whatever desire and imagination stretching it. Do it I like and agree with the rest follows of itself.

Reduced moisture in the vagina

In connection with pregnancy and childbirth are some hormonal changes in women, both in the body but also in the genitals. This means, among other things, that the vagina during the first months after birth have a reduced moisture levels. In some women it may even last for the entire lactation period, and it is not a sign of lack of sexual desire from the female side. If you want to have sex in the period in which the vagina lacks moisture so it is recommended to use lube. - Bleeding from the vagina: Some women will experience bleeding for 6-8 weeks after birth. The bleeding is no barrier to sex, but as long as the woman bleeds, should use condoms to prevent infection of the cervix.

Pain during intercourse

If the woman is sewn after birth, the wound usually be 10-12 days to heal. But that can easily be soreness around the wound for a longer period. Are these persistent pain, so the woman should go to the doctor. But not all pain associated with intercourse after birth due to pain in or around the vagina. Indeed, some women are so afraid that the man's intrusion must hurt that they contract the muscles around the vagina in pure defense reflex and thereby experiencing pain from muscle tension. - Sore boobs: Woman's breasts are often very sore and tense as she breast-feeding. Therefore, it may be that caress the breasts are not just welcome, please talk about it and find out what I want.

The vagina is expanded

In the period just after birth, the woman's vagina is not as tight as usual. Therefore, I find that the vagina is not fitted tightly on the penis. Do not be scared of it, the woman can easily retrain her pelvic floor muscles, so the vagina again fits tightly around the penis. - The air in the vagina: Air in the vagina can result in fart noises during intercourse, which for some experienced uncomfortable and perhaps even embarrassing. But it is a completely natural problem that will resolve itself and disappear as the woman gets retrained her pelvic floor muscles.


When the woman first ovulation postpartum done before her first menstruation, the risk of becoming pregnant. That the woman breast-feeding is not a guarantee that she can not get pregnant. Note in this connection that the pill should not be consumed during lactation, since you can have problems with too much or too little milk in the pill or mini-pills. One possibility as emergency contraception after unprotected intercourse is the "morning-after pill." Morning-after pill should be taken as soon as possible after intercourse. It should preferably be within 12 hours and not later than 72 hours (3 days). There are various pills on the market such as Norlevo and Ellaone. - Norlevo available over the counter. - Click more about birth control >>


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