Aching teeth. About sensitive teeth, tooth pain and toothpaste against sensitive teeth.

A major survey conducted by Colgate-Palmolive in 2003 shows that one in four suffer from sensitive teeth. Aching manifested as short, sharp, stabbing pain. Typically associated with ingestion of hot and cold drinks, but also in acidic beverages, by brushing and by breathing cold air. Yet, few are doing anything about it eg using toothpaste that can help the problem. For example, 'Colgate Sensitive Multi Protection' toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth as well (pain relief) as to counteract tartar and gum problems.

About aching and sensitive teeth

Why sensitive teeth and aching? Tooth pain is often caused by gums have receded and exposed tooth neck which is not protected by the tooth's hard enamel. Once the gums have receded, it might be too intensive brushing or using a too hard toothbrush. Or the cause may be gingivitis, if you do not brush your teeth carefully enough or often formed plaque, which can lead to gingivitis. It will say "dirt" in today / overnight sits on the teeth. The plaque forming bacteria that are harmful to both teeth and gums. Plaque can also cause sensitive teeth. The older one gets, the more widespread becomes sensitive teeth and sensitive teeth, the gums shrink and recede with age.

Brushing and grinding damage

A toothbrush should be soft. Is the brush too hard, the gums brushed pieces, and can simultaneously experienced abrasive damage to the teeth. The most correct way is to brush in small circles. One can also benefit from using an electric toothbrush. Brush at least twice daily and use in this context, a toothpaste that prevents aching. Using in addition a few times a week also floss in the gaps. Also, the tongue must be brushed thoroughly. Studies show that the sensitivity of the teeth is reduced by 50 percent simply by removal of bacterial deposits and gums become healthier and thus not as sore.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Toothpaste from aching. Brush your teeth 3 minutes morning, afternoon and evening with a toothpaste with a low content of abrasive such as Colgate Sensitive Multi Protection, which is the only toothpaste for sensitive teeth that are both effective in providing pain relief and actively prevents gum problems. Colgate Sensitive Multi Protection provides quick relief of sensitive teeth, proven anti-bacterial protection against cavities and plaque. A toothpaste specifically designed to soothe sensitive teeth and tooth pain. But Zendium Sensitive and Colgate Gel-Kam is suitable for sensitive teeth. The same is Colgate Duraphat (natriumflorid) available on prescription from the dentist. Colgate Gel-Kam forms a protective layer on the sensitive teeth and thus alleviated effects of cold, heat, acid and sweeteners. Gel-Kam is used under the guidance by dentist, dental hygienist, pharmacist or druggist. The same goes for Colgate Duraphat that may only be used by persons aged 16 or over. Note that Duraphat should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding, unless there is an assessment of risks and benefits.

Talk Fluoride brushing with your Dentist

Treatment: What you can do yourself, is mentioned to use a soft toothbrush in combination with daily use of a toothpaste that prevents aching, and then just a few times a week floss / toothpicks. The treatment your dentist or hygienist will often consider is fluoride brushing or fluoride varnish. A treatment to be repeated at six-month overhaul at the dentist. In severe cases with severe pain, a surgical intervention proves necessary. - Talk with your dentist or hygienist about the problem and how best to overcome.

About Dental pain

Tooth pain can be excruciating. It can be as sharp twinge or throbbing pain. The pain can come by themselves or be provoked by cold, hot or sweet and sour eat. The pain may be transient or persistent. Pain localized to the teeth and jaw are in far most cases, a dental / oral cause, but can also be triggered by processes in quite different regions in the form of nerve pain that usually sits on the face, but can feel like tooth pain, where eg tooth extraction can cause Trigeminal neuralgia, often long after a tooth is pulled out. Nocturnal teeth grinding or tightness of the masseters is often seen as the trigeminal nerve (facial and teeth sensory nerve) affects these muscles. The pain can come by themselves, but provoked often by facial movements, touch, chew, talk, cold, swallowing, brushing, etc. Tooth pain can also stem from one or more teeth that have invisible cracks all the way to the tooth-bone. - Click about toothache and Emergency Dentist >>

Relief of dental pain

Acuttoothache and dental pain: best alleviated with Ibuprofen, which can be purchased over the counter under the name Ipren. Could possibly combine with Panodil to enhance the effect. Recommended dose: Ibuprofen / Ipren: 400-600mg three times per day. Panodil: 250-500mg three times per day. - Pain from the gums or throat: treat with such Corsodyl mouthwash (0.2% chlorhexidine) 2 to 3 times a day in combination with Panodil , Ipren or Kodimagnyl as painkillers. - Powerful pain wisdom tooth: Tooth Pain associated with inflammation around a wisdom tooth can be relieved by rinsing the mouth with such Corsodyl mouthwash containing 0.2 percent chlorhexidine (available over the counter). Search then dentist soon. - Infection with pain: Treat with Penicillin prescribed by a doctor or dentist.


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