Rehabilitation and recreation. Is about quality of life and recovery of body and soul

Rehabilitation and recreation can be crucial to how people will work again after accidents, injuries, surgery and illness. Most often associated with physical therapy and rehabilitation period following surgery or injury. But rehabilitation can also be about the restoration of body and soul in a multidisciplinary treatment with physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, social work and dietitian included. Or intensive specialized training, to humans, as a result of an injury in the central nervous system, the physical constraints.

What rights do you have? If you have been admitted to a hospital, you are entitled to have a written and an individual rehabilitation plan in hand when you print. It says Health Act. This rehabilitation is free and handled locally if the doctor thinks that your rehabilitation is specialized handled it in the hospital. If you have not been hospitalized but has been ill at home and in need of rehabilitation, you may contact the local authorities. Locally it is your duty to offer rehabilitation to citizens who have been ill, but was not hospitalized. This is to overcome a physical disability due to illness, such as flu or pneumonia, and bring the patient back to the functional level, the patient had the disease. This is much different services, most offer aimed at the older citizens who do not want to face a rehabilitation without therapeutic assistance. Her GP can at the disease opt to treatment will be achieved through rehabilitation, including the doctor writes a referral to a physiotherapist. Health insurance pays a portion of the bill, but there is also a self-payment.

For example, when older people get sick that often follows physical and mental disability. Therefore, the treatment of elderly also include rehabilitation of skill loss and compensation for the disability that the disease brings. And therefore, rehabilitation is often a crucial part of treatment. Usually you have to pay for rehabilitation services. There is typically grants to private transport for persons with impaired physical or mental impairment. However, one should be particularly financially needy to get grants.

Recreation cancer patients

A recreation residence is often expensive, but each region offers support for cancer patients. There are also other options for help. You can also search the authorities for financial help, and seniors can apply for a personal allowance. You can ask the hospital social worker for help in seeking financial support for a convalescent stay.

Grant to pay for therapy

Cancer patients and caregivers can be referring physician receive reimbursement for counseling with a private practice psychologist. Health Insurance provides some subsidies, and as a patient, you pay even more directly to the psychologist. For a maximum grant for a limited number of consultations to be conducted by a psychologist who has an agreement with National Health Service. There can only be referring to a psychologist for a limited time after the event giving rise to the need for psychological help.

Exercise on prescription an opportunity

Lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes and obesity can be prevented with exercise. At the same time exercise fewer side effects than medications, and 30-45 min. exercise per week is enough to make a difference. In some countries, the physician may write a referral for exercise in line with a reference to other therapists or prescription. The primary target groups for exercise on prescription so far has been people with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. However, there are pilot projects underway, where people with arthritis have access to exercise prescription.

Low Income Groups

According to Social Services and the Pensions Act, governments can provide financial support to reasonably justified its expenditure, for example rehabilitation, if the expenditure will crucially complicate the person or family's financial circumstances and if - as a starting point - the need for treatment was impossible to predict. Also for example, students and other low income groups, can apply for assistance.

Individuals with private or company paid health insurance

Typically, finishing and recuperation after an insurance warranted hospitalization or surgery would be covered. The same applies to expenditures for prescribed outpatient aftercare and rehabilitation, home nursing and home and leisure stays and spa. Please check with your insurance company.


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