Dental Care and Dentistry. Financial Assistance for Dental Treatment. Grants For Dental Care?

There are a number of options for financial help for dental care depending on age, income, social conditions, illness and other circumstances. Who will typically qualifies? Children and youth under 18 years of age who have a dental condition. Persons, there have an urgent dental condition. Adults with special needs aged 64 and under who have a dental need. This includes individuals who have difficulty with getting dressed, bathing, grooming, toileting, or physical transferring. Adults aged 65 and over who have a dental need. What are the requirements? Among other things an assessment by the Health Department. A financial need (assistance is for individuals who do not have dental insurance or any other coverage and who would have difficulty paying for dental treatment). And You have to apply for the assistance.

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Patient user fees, the treatment of selected dental disease

For selected congenital dental diseases involving serious dental problems, there are some countries a maximum limit patients' own maximum charge. That is, an upper limit on the size of the patient who is paying for the selected dental diseases.

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Dentistry physical and mental disabilities

Physical and mental disabilities. Dental care for persons with physical or mental disability. Dentistry is a municipal services for people who, because of decreased mobility or excessive physical or mental disabilities have difficulty getting to the dentist. Treatment may, at its election take place at a local dental office or by a practicing dentist. The municipal home visitation citizens dental care scheme. Typical municipality has the right to levy a small charge.

Dental injury accident

Dental injury accident. Damage caused by accident, that individuals who receive dental damage due to accident. Municipalities must provide financial support for dentures (exceptionally fixed prosthodontics) to persons who have functional or disfigurement tooth damage due to an accident. Support will lapse if the damage is covered by private insurance.

Compensation for victims of violence

Victims of violence. Compensation for victims of violence. It is possible to recover the costs of dental treatment after violence (assault). Granted in principle only compensation if the injury is reported to the police. If the offender is known, victims claim compensation in connection with a possible criminal case.

Foreign nationals working in EU

Foreign nationals who work in an EU country. Since 2007, the group of people has been expanded eligible to receive benefits under the municipal dental care such as child and adolescent dentistry and specialty dental care, including grants for cancer patients and others. It is primarily concerned citizens working in an EU country or a ship sailing under EU flags, and their family members. It is immaterial whether one is resident in this country. These are the health benefits covered by the provisions of EU Regulation 1408/71 (the National Labour Market Authority, NLMA). Foreigners can contact your local authorities for further information.

Health allowance and personal allowances for retired

Retired. Health allowance and personal allowances for retired people covered in individual EU countries up to 85% of user charges for dental services for which public health insurance subsidizes. Furthermore, support for removable dentures. The size of the health allowance is dependent on the pensioner's income and assets. Application for medical allowance should be sent to local authorities. The personal allowance covers, where appropriate, reasonable and necessary health-related expenses if the pensioner is in a difficult economic situation.

Lack of Dental facilities (aplasia)

Lack of dental facilities (aplasia). Children and adolescents under 18 years of missing tooth installations / formation (aplasia) are typically offered a free offer of dentistry. That is, if untreated leads to suffering a permanent impairment of masticatory function or provide a cosmetic problem. Mentally ill and retarded the MFL who can not make use of the general public dental services (dental care) or can not come to a private dentist. The authorities may decide that the beneficiaries have to pay a portion of the cost. Treatment is, however, where applicable, free for children under 18 years.

Tooth Damage caused by Cancer, Chemo, Radiation, etc.

Cancer, Chemo, Radiation. People with tooth damage caused by Chemotherapy or Radiation or people with 'Sjögren's syndrome.' The public typically offer a specific aid for cancer patients who have significant dental problems due to radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Same rules apply to patients who suffer from 'Sjögren's syndrome.' User charges for a period of 12 months can not exceed a small amount. Dental care at hospitals for patients with cancer of the head neck region which has become the focus redeveloped before radiotherapy and / or chemotherapy.



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