Orthodontics. Dental braces, type of Braces and invisible orthodontic treatment.

Previously it was thought that orthodontics only for children but the technological developments and new types of teeth braces has made the treatment easier and more efficient. Today, of all ages to correct teeth, it's never too late. In many countries, all children and young persons under eighteen years offer free orthodontics, whose teeth and jaws health in the longer term may be threatened, or if the teeth can be a mental strain.

Braces and Orthodontic Treatment?

Only your dentist or orthodontist can determine whether you should have an orthodontic treatment. Following a rigorous assessment, which includes a complete illness and dental treatment history, clinical examination, making models of your teeth and special X-rays of your head, a ortodontist assess whether an orthodontic treatment is advised. A treatment plan that fits your case can then be compiled. Your own dentist may refer to a ortodontist, but you can also visit a ortodontist. Dentistry that corrects teeth, has a five year specialist training, and called for specialized dentists in orthodontics.

Adults and braces - visible or invisible?

Contrary to what many believe to orthodontic treatments carried out on adults of all ages. There is no limit to how old you can be when you get directed teeth. More and more elderly people retain their teeth, and many have after a lifetime of wear and tear on the teeth needed orthodontic treatment. The desire for an orthodontic treatment can be caused by many things, such as problems with chewing muscles and jaw joints, missing teeth, tooth migration caused by periodontal disease or a cosmetic needs. In cases where it involves small tooth error, 'Invisalign system' that consists of a series of transparent plastic rails, be a good alternative to the ordinary teeth braces.

Reasons for orthodontic treatment. Cosmetic and functional.

The most common cause of bite function and temporomandibular joint problems is lack of harmony between the teeth of the upper and lower mouth when you bite together. Wrong clenching gives tension headaches or excessive wear on the teeth. Other reasons may be that the teeth may have shifted due to periodontal disease or because of lost teeth, or perhaps it is necessary to correct the teeth before it can be made new crowns or implants, or if you have very large deviations in the jaw skeleton For example, a large mouth, the teeth must be addressed in connection with an orthodontic treatment and then the obvious cosmetic benefits of having a harmonious set of teeth and a beautiful smile.

Orthodontic treatment

The apparatus for orthodontic treatment in adults is about the same as in children, but adults can jaw growth is not affected. For large tooth position error can be a jaw surgery, therefore, be the only option for treatment. Most adults are typically not very excited about the tooth braces, because they are very visible. However, one can also choose tooth-colored ceramic braces that are hardly visible. You can also choose a brace where the locks placed on the teeth back, so the bar is not visible. This is a more complicated technique, and therefore it is also an expensive solution. - Click about dental surgery >>

Retainers and Teeth Grinding 

Retainers are made of clear plastic and fits to the teeth in either upper or lower jaw. They are produced by impressions of the teeth. Retainers can be either hard or soft - depending on what they need to operate on. Retainers NTI splints are a new type, affixed on the front teeth in upper jaw and takes up very little. It is the dentist who will decide what type of track is needed. Indications for Splint/Retainer are clenching, headaches, bite disorders and tooth pressure. - Click about teeth FAQs >>

Invisible orthodontics with Invisalign

In recent years, developed a new way to correct teeth, Invisalign system. Here directed teeth by means of transparent plastic Retainers that are typically replaced and adjusted every 6 weeks during treatment. Invisalign uses 3D computer technology, where your teeth are copied to an exact model of your computer. When the result on screen is that the dentist wants it to be, produced the track. How long you have to go with a plastic splint depends on how much the teeth to be corrected, but most should expect 12 to 18 months. Invisalign brace is used both day and night, and taken out only to eat and brush your teeth.

How much does orthodontics?

The cost for an orthodontic treatment depends on the size of the treatment. Gather therefore a written price quote from your dentist before you decide. Possibly you can get assistance from your health insurance. And for many dentists and specialty dentists can achieve an agreement on payment in installments. Contact a specialist in orthodontics for a free consultation and get in this connection a written price estimate.

About Orthodontics and types of Brace

Bracket Selection and treatment can be very different depending on how much the teeth to be corrected. Minor treatments, such as spaces between the incisors may only last 5-6 months, while older treatments, where all the teeth to be 'moved', can last a few years. It does not hurt to put shackles on they just glued onto the enamel with plastic glue. But hoops bothers especially the tongue in the beginning, and it can last one to two weeks before you get used entirely for hoops. The teeth are also stitches at the start. But when the first teeth are starting to move, the soreness disappears. And after the first few weeks, most have no symptoms of hoops. However, it is difficult to keep teeth clean, and it requires a diligent effort to keep the shackles free of food debris, and one should avoid eating hard and tough stuff, not to destroy the hoops.

Orthodontist - Orthodontic treatment

For problems with the temporomandibular joint may need to take some special x-rays to see if there are signs of wear changes in the joint. It's far from all dentists have the special X-ray machines that are needed. It may therefore be necessary to instruct the patient to a clinic or orthodontist, having the apparatus. Based on how much and how the teeth to be corrected, made choice of brace type as metal / steel frame, gold braces, damon braces, transparent ceramic bracket, inner hoop and 'Invisalign', with thin plastic tracks that are almost invisible at the same time opens up new options. Inside the braces and Invisalign braces are more expensive solutions. Talk to your dentist and get a referral to an Orthodontist.

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