Laser Treatment. About wrinkles, stretch marks and skin problems and the removal of tattoos and unwanted hair

Cosmetic laser treatment has a good effect on many different kinds of skin problems. Among other things, laser treatment effective for scars and pigmentation of the skin. Laser is a non surgical treatment that is used for example, wrinkle reduction, cellulite, skin rejuvenation, acne scars, liver spots, karspræninger, stretch marks and hair removal. Laser treatment requires a prior individual assessment of skin sensitivity. If necessary, consultation by a specialist in skin diseases, plastic surgery or vascular surgery. Only specialists in skin diseases must treat with laser and the related intense pulsed light, IPL.

Hair removal

Both men and women undergoing hair removal. There are a variety of methods. Too many people have unwanted hair growth an annoying problem that is often used very much time. It is genetically determined, how many hairs we have and the color of the hairs. Hereditary factors or hormonal disorders can cause that some have unwanted hair growth. On the body, some hair growth, while others are in what is called resting phase. Only a few hair is growing at a time. It is therefore not easy to remove hair from an area of lasting effect, because you can only remove hair that grows, not the hair that is in the resting phase. On the arms and legs are only approx. 20% growth, 70% on the chin and upper lip 65%. Therefore, it is always necessary to have multiple treatments over a long time, in order to obtain a permanent result. Yes, often have to go through 3-4 or maybe 8-9 treatments.

Laser treatment of unwanted hair

Unwanted hair can be removed on the entire body. Be it hair removal of the chest, breasts, abdomen, back, around and below the navel, forearms, upper arms, lower back, thighs, lower legs, buttocks, instep and toes, armpits, neck, neck, shoulders, cheeks, chin, upper lip, between the eyebrows and bikini line, tangalinie and g-string line. Before the treatment, shaved area and the skin is applied to a clear gel. The practitioner presses a glass of crystal light against the skin, the crystal emits a brief flash of light. The light is absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair, is converted into heat that can destroy the hair follicle. When the follicle is destroyed, grows no new hair back and the desired effect is achieved. The treatment feels like little hot plug against the skin, depending on how dark your skin is and the area being treated. Note: to unwanted hair disappear permanently, it is essential that all hair follicles have been treated when the hair is growing. - Click to read more in FAQs >>

Removal of tattoos

Basically, tattoos, birthmarks, blemishes and 'gadgets' in the skin removed surgically as well as with laser treatment without leaving noticeable scars. Laser treatment of tattoos typically require 5-7 treatments depending on what color and how much color is loaded into the tattoo. The blacks are easiest to remove, while turquoise, red, yellow and green hues may be almost impossible to get completely away. A dermatologist will never be able to guarantee that a tattoo disappear completely. It hurts to get a tattoo removed with laser. Many feel it is actually more painful than when they got the tattoo. It may therefore be necessary with local anesthetic. So many young people have a tattoo, but many also regret later in life, their tattoos, and others would have made them. Therefore, one should think carefully before a tattoo. - Click to read more in FAQs >>

Dermatological LASER

Dermatological laser treatment has a good effect on many different kinds of skin problems. Among other things, laser effective for scars and pigmentation of the skin and gives such hope to people who are plagued by acne and pimples often already after the first treatment will experience a very significant reduction. Further treatment could improve outcome and reduce the severity of acne and pimples permanently. However, based dermatological laser treatment at different laser types from the cosmetological to the surgical. To treat deep scars from acne will typically be used a CO2 laser. A treatment performed either under local or general anesthesia. With the CO2 laser removes the outer skin cells. The skin is smoothed and the old fibers are tightened up. With the naked eye one can see the pores decreases and the skin tightened up when the driving laser over a wrinkled and sagging skin. Laser exposure of the skin effect, that there is a new formation of the skin fine network of collagen fibers. These are shorter than the old, and thus draws together the skin, to give a smoother and harder surface than before. The new skin will be red for about a month. Then reduce redness ongoing over the next three months. - Click to read more in FAQs >>

About wrinkle reduction

With age, skin loses its suppleness and elasticity resulting in wrinkles. Different types of wrinkles have different expressions, some of them we would do without and still others bear witness to life experience and helps to give the face character. Crow's feet are charming while other wrinkles give a tired or angry look that we want to do without. Almost all wrinkles may be either eliminated or greatly reduced. However, an age effect on the outcome. You should always check in advance of a medical assessment of whether your wrinkles can be eliminated or reduced and what outcome to be expected. There are different processing methods for improving the skin, in the form of wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, pigments or hemorrhagic. Methods for wrinkle reduction are from injections to lasers and facelifts, so it is important to seek a clinic that has specialists who are familiar with the various treatment methods which can assess the needs and expectations held up against what the various 'techniques' can meet. Likewise, it is important that the clinic offers all treatments in the field, so the offered treatment does not depend on the method clinic mastered. - Click to read more in FAQs >>

Wrinkled skin

Wrinkled and creped skin is frequent the places on the face and body where the skin mainly been in the sun, such as cheeks, forehead and upper lip, and corresponding to the deep neckline and hands. Most often seen simultaneously pigmented skin varying from slightly turbid to the actual onset stains as this type of pigment change also due to the sun. Wrinkled skin requires treatment with Skin Laser type Fraxel or Pixel, as this at once treats pigmentation and wrinkles. There will be some 2 to 4 treatments with four to six weeks apart.


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