Itching - Skin Rash and Itchy Skin Rashes

Itching is a common symptom in a wide variety of skin diseases, and can sometimes be so severe that it destroys night's sleep. Skin itching caused by stimulation of sensory nerves in the skin. Itchy skin can appear confined to one or more areas, but it can also be playing throughout the body. Itching often occurs along with hives or dryness and drought. Especially drink many older too little water. In fact, it is necessary to drink two liters water a day. Itching can also result from too much soap which dries the skin out, so the clubs. If you have a sensitive skin and prone to itching, you should use liquid soap and medicine after showering and washing smear themselves with moisturizer without perfume. Itching may also be a side effect of medication. Itching can be a sign of diabetes and liver disorders, as well as in kidney disease and some blood disorders may be itching. Itching may occur for several reasons, but can basically be divided into those coming from outside and those who come from within.

  • External causes such as - nickel, perfumes, rubber, soap, cutting oils, medicines, foods, insect bites and scabies.
  • Intrinsic reasons, such as - asthma, eczema, skin diseases, dry skin, kidney disease, liver disease, biliary disease, lymph node disease, blood disorders and metabolism.

Designated pregnancy is itching a well known phenomenon. In some cases, it is clear what caused by itching skin while in other cases it is necessary to be tested for allergies and other diseases. Antihistamines, antidepressants work in certain cases. Corticosteroid anti-inflammatory reaction in the skin and therefore reduces itching. Local anesthetics may have some effect. Either way you should go to the doctor and be properly investigated, since itching is a symptom and not a disease in itself.

Skin itching and acute rashes

Most itchy skin rashes are quite harmless. When you itch, the skin becomes more irritated, red and hot. Use of water and soap dries the skin and intensifies itching. Itching can be relieved with moisturizer or treated with medication and allergy tablets antihistamine such Alnok tablets, Cetirizine tablets or PCD Cetirizine tablets.

Insect stings: acute rash can be caused by insect bites, where bees, wasps, hornets, spiders, ants, fleas and mosquitoes are the most common. They can all sting or bite. However, most of the insect bites quite harmless, even when the swelling can be both expressed and uncomfortable. Only in rare cases, if you are allergic and allergic to bee stings or wasp stings, there is reason for concern. - Click here to read more about insect bites >>

Scabies mite: acute rash can also be caused by scabies. Scabies is caused by infection with the human itch mite (Sarcoptes scabiei). Mite is transmitted by close contact between people. While itching, there will often be small red bumps on the arms and body. Because of the itching, there will be many of scratch marks around the body. Please be aware if you are infected with scabies. It may be, for example if you itch all over, without any other good cause. Search the appropriate medical attention immediately so you can prevent others from being infected.

Urticaria: acute rash can also be caused by hives, is an itchy rash that appears within minutes. Urticaria is a common skin disease that appears as a pink and strongly itchy rash that often produces blisters. The rash similar to mosquito bites, and can appear anywhere on the body. Hives are usually transient and resolves by itself again and can be triggered by foods, infection or drugs, or of cold, heat or pressure. - Click to read more about nettle fever >>

Pregnancy Itching - my skin itch

Skin itching in pregnancy is common and may be due to physiological changes in the skin and skin diseases and skin diseases that are specific to pregnancy. Aside from the itchy skin rash is the most common symptom, where about 5 percent of all pregnant women are believed to be bothered by itchy skin and dry skin during pregnancy. Itching is usually quite harmless, but very annoying - especially itching on belly, palms and soles. Itching can occur when you sweat more than usual, or that the skin is stretched because you are piling up water in the body. But can also be due to an effect on the liver to excrete the body's waste products. During a pregnancy there may be accumulation of toxins in the body - especially bile substances.

Scratching your skin much / often you should have a talk with your doctor or midwife, where a clinical examination and a blood test should provide the answer to your itching. Depending on how far you have your pregnancy, your doctor will often choose to give you allergy medicines with antihistamines such as Zyrtec. After birth, your itching is very likely disappear completely. What you can do right now to ease a troublesome itching is to use moisturizing creams and oils without perfumes - and avoid soap. Claws much, it's good to cool the skin such as by a cold shower. And at the pharmacy you can buy cool liniments. A good advice is, for example lemon balm, which is soothing and good for the skin - Mellisa Lemon Creme.

Dry, Itchy Winter Skin

The problem with dry and sensitive skin worse in winter because of cold and dry air when the humidity is low and therefore the skin can easily come to feel dry and tight - and perhaps begin to peel off. Excessive use of soap can also help, because soaps can defat the skin. For long and hot baths are not appropriate. Facial skin is most sensitive, and the genes come and go without, it is always possible to find the cause. The majority with sensitive skin have a familial tendency at some point in life to have skin problems of various kinds. A tendency to dry skin, it is important both to prevent and treat skin with moisturizer. The drier the skin, the higher fat content, you need the creams you use.

Dry skin is for most a skin that is rough and scaly often with symptoms such as itching. Dry skin appears frequently on the sides of the legs, and here it lasts too long ago. Dry skin and sensitive skin gives most genes in the winter. Skin itching may be particularly pronounced immediately after the bath. Elderly and sick more easily bothered by dry skin. It is normal to dry skin increases with age and is exacerbated by disease and poor nutrition. If you have very dry skin or eczema, you should probably use a special cream that contains extra large amounts of skin's natural oils and fats, as a reinforcement of the skin barrier. Dry skin is not only annoying but also a first sign that the skin barrier is reduced - injured. Discuss with your doctor or pharmacist about the possibilities.

Vitamin B12 cream can help with itching - also chronic itching can be relieved with moisturizer with active vitamin B12. The behavior is assumed to be that the vitamin in certain contexts is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes nitric oxide (NO) in inflamed tissue. Pruritus is a problem in many other skin conditions, as well as many elderly people suffer from chronic itchy. It is estimated that one in ten older people in northern Europe have vitamin B12 deficiency. The cream is available, such as VITA CREME B12.


1. Asthma - the lungs, shortness of breath, tobacco smoke, smoking lungs, cold, allergy and stress.
2. Unconscious - fainting, loss of consciousness, respiration, blood pressure and circulation brain.
3. Sinusitis (or rhino sinusitis) - sequelae colds, flu, sinus, frontal sinus, nose and jaw caves.
4. Bladder infection (Cystitis) - burning urination, intimate hygiene, bacteria and urinary bladder.
5. Chest pain - pain around the heart, Angina, muscle pain, stress, anxiety, depression.
6. Diarrhea - loose bowels, travelers diarrhea, virus, infection, frequent stools, vomiting and fever.
7. Eczema - Skin disorder, Skin rash, itching, hives, allergies, zinc, cortisone and scaly eczema.
8. Fever - Body temperature above 38ºC (100.4ºF), Critical over 40.0ºC (104ºF), Inflammation.
9. Athletes foot - Ringworm of the foot, Tinea pedis, Fungal infections, Nail fungus, Scaling.
10. Burns - Fire Wounds, scalding, boiling water and fire, 1 2 3 degree, First Aid for Burns.
12. Common cold - coughing, sneezing, headache, pain on swallowing, hoarseness, sore throat.
13. Cold sores - Oral Herpes, blisters, contagious virus, sores, lips, mouth and nose.
14. Constipation - hard stool, stomach pain, abdominal pain, Herbals and digestive problems.
15. Sprains - First Aid Joint Injury, Sprained ankle, Fingers, Knee, Wrist sprain.
16. Tonsillitis - Sore Throat, Pharynx, Tonsils, Strep Throat, Mononucleosis and Scarlet fever.
17. Heartburn - stomach acid reflux, discomfort, gastric reflux, Indigestion, reflux Oesophagitis.
18. Shingles - Herpes zoster, Zoster or Zona, Chickenpox rash, Burning pain and Blistering rash.
19. Palpitations - Irregular Heartbeat, Arrhythmia, Heart rate, Stress, Sorrows and Worries.
20. Cough - Coughing cures, Dry cough, Tickling cough, Cold pneumonia and Mucus formation.
21. Headache - Cephalalgia, Forehead Pain, Frontal headache, Tension headaches and Migraine.
22. Hemorrhoids - Haemorrhoids, Bowl splashes, Itching, Rectal pain, or Rectal bleeding.
23. Hoarseness - Acute hoarseness, Hoarse voice, Dysphonia, Whisper and Weak voice.
24. Swollen glands - Lymph Nodes, Sore throat, Ear infection, Mononucleosis (Glandular fever).
25. Hay fever - Allergic Rhinitis, allergies, eyes, nose, grass pollen, birch, dust mites and fur.
26. Influenza - Flu, Influenzavirus A, B and C, Flu vaccination, Infectious, Fever and coldness.
27. Insect bites - bee stings, wasp stings, hornets, mosquitoes, fleas, poisonous, Borrelia and ticks.
28. Chlamydia - intercourse, unsafe sex, sexually transmitted diseases (STI), risk sexually active.
29. Itching - Skin itching, dry skin, sensitive skin, scabies, rash, allergy and pregnancy itching.
30. Pneumonia - high fever, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain and mycoplasma.
31. Bellyache - Stomach pain, Rumbling stomach, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Bloated stomach.
32. Menstrual Cramps - Menstrual Pain, Dysmenorrhea, Pain relief medicines and Herbal remedies.
33. Moles - Birthmarks, Melanoma, Brownish spots, Sun tanning, Ultraviolet light and Skin cancer.
34. Urticaria - Angioedema, hives, nettle, itching, redness, blisters, bumps, allergies and skin rashes.
35. Nosebleeds - epistaxis, nose bleeding, blood vessels, nostrils, cotton pad, saline, laser cautery.
36. Vomiting - throwing up, nausea, seasickness, air sickness, Morning sickness, pregnancy nausea.
37. Worms - worm infection, Threadworms, Pinworms, Tapeworms, Roundworms, Deworming.
38. Tick bites - Mites and Ticks, Borrelia, rash, paralysis, and Lyme disease, Signs and Symptoms.
39. Pain - acute pain, chronic pain, major pain, Migraine, muscle pain, Myalgia and Joint pain.
40. Insomnia - Sleeplessness, restless sleep, insomnia, sleep problems and sleeping pills.
41. Wounds - scrapes, abrasions, bleeding, wound care, tetanus vaccine and inflammation.
42. Toothache - acute toothache, Odontalgia, hole in tooth, Tooth Decay, Caries, Dental abscess.
43. Fatigue - Feeling tired, Burned out, exhaustion, tiredness, lethargy, Mental and Physical fatigue.
44. Vaginal discharge - Secretions, Vaginal catarrh, Fungus in Vagina, Odor, Itching and Infection.
45. Rashes - skin rash, eczema, allergies, dry skin, itching, rash from stress and acute rashes.
46. Warts - Foot warts, Hand warts, Finger warts, Flat warts, Treatment of Warts and removal tips.
47. Weight Loss - Overweight, fat, obesity, dieting, underweight, skinny, lifestyle and dietary advice.
48. Conjunctivitis - Red eye, Eye infection, Tearing, Eye allergies, Dry eyes and Contact lenses.
49. Earache - Ear pain, Ear infection, Fever, Earwax, Outer ear, Middle ear, Eardrum, Otitis media.
50. Respiratory problems - Dyspnea, Shortness of breath, Breathlessness, Difficulty in breathing.
11. Poisoning - Medicine, Connectors, Bites, Drugs, Fungi, Oil, First aid at the acute poisoning.

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