Homeopathy. Homeopathic medicinal products derived from raw materials from nature to such pain, infections and allergies

Homeopathic preparations and products for aromatherapy and other alternative therapies are perceived and often referred to as herbal medicine and is based on natural medicines made from substances from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. The drugs are highly diluted solutions, which have undergone a special manufacturing process. A homeopathic medicine is extracted from the raw material from nature. The substance is diluted in several steps, in some cases so many times that in the final solution can no longer be traced purely molecular. Each time the substance undergoes a dilution, it will be vigorously shaken. This is called homeopathy for potentiation. According to the theory applied to the solution thus an energy that amplifies the effect of the substance. A homeopathic medicinal product contains only a very small dose of the active substance, so the risk of side effects are correspondingly small. If the user questions about any. side effects, you can always have a talk with your doctor or a homeopath. Homeopathic medicines have the status of drugs and therefore covered by the Medicines Act. The drugs are typically produced by pharmaceutical manufacturers and tested in groups of healthy people. The symptoms that the drug induces, categorized into symptom collections hospitalized in databases, which allows the homeopath to find the product that best matches the patient's current symptoms.

About homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy is a controversial alternative therapy, which often meets with criticism and skepticism among doctors and in scientific circles. In contrast, homeopathy widespread among both physicians and veterinarians in countries like Germany, England and France. The word homeopathy is composed of the Greek word homoios (similar) and pathos (suffering). Homeopathic treatment is based on natural medicines. With a holistic approach Homeopaths consider man as a whole which can not be divided according to symptoms. Homeopathic definition of health and disease is therefore based not only on a given disease palpable isolated symptoms, but more of an underlying imbalance in the individual, both physically, emotionally and mentally. This is where the so-called alternative and holistic therapies come into the picture, which means that the homeopath treats with funds given to a healthy person, produce the same symptoms as those you wish to treat. Given to a person with these symptoms, this kind of herbal medicine in small doses gently stimulate the body's defense mechanism to heal itself. This because a homeopath as mentioned symptoms as regards the body's response to a fundamental imbalance - a condition which is not in itself. The majority of users are addressed with a physical symptom as the main problem. It may be in pain, skin problems, infections, asthma and allergies. Other users targeted by other problems, many with mental health problems.

Advice on Herbal Medicine

Homeopathic medicines works in the way that it causes the body's natural defense against the disease, so that there may be a first time, deterioration, which is found during the first 1-2 weeks. The intake of the homeopathic preparation may be stopped or stepped down, until there is an improvement. Always Consult your doctor for serious symptoms. Also note that you only have to cease prescribed medication without consulting a doctor. Choose only a Herbalist who will work with your doctor. Rhythm: Homeopathic medicine is typically taken three times daily, preferably at the same time each day. It might be morning, afternoon and evening. Is it inconvenient to take the medicine to work, it may be tomorrow before dinner and at bedtime. Avoid coffee: Homeopathic medicines have reduced or no effect if you drink coffee while a course of treatment. Ordinary tea and tea made from herbs, however, is it okay to drink. Storage: Natural Medicines should be stored in a dry, central location makes it easily accessible, but without contact with "everything", which destroys the effect. Herbalism does not tolerate: Storage in the refrigerator, touch metal and should not be taken with metal spoon or store near objects with magnetic radiation such as from computers, mobile phones, televisions, remote controls, batteries, camera batteries and chargers. Natural medicine should not be allowed on flights.

To choose herbal and dietary supplements

When choosing herbal remedies and dietary supplements should observe the following advice: Pay attention to the difference between herbal and dietary supplements. Natural remedies have the status of drugs. It has no nutritional supplements because supplements have status as food. It is important to exclude that the symptoms are due to illness that requires medical treatment. Go therefore always first to the doctor and get diagnosed so you know what needs to be treated. Inform your doctor if you take herbal supplements. This is important because the doctor prescribed medicine and natural medicine can affect each other. Herbal and dietary supplements can cause side effects. Please be aware of side effects. If you choose to seek advice from an Herbalist, check whether he has a degree in the area. Be critical. If you meet a Herbalist who think they can cure everything, one should be skeptical. Avoid a Herbalist who will not cooperate with the doctor.


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