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Our lifestyle is responsible for a variety of diseases such as diabetes, stroke and heart and cancer. People who feel healthy, do not typically seek out a doctor or get a preventive health check. This is especially true for men. But the disease can strike without warning. The first symptom of hypertension may be a blood clot. Today we know that many lifestyle diseases can be prevented or the time at which the frames can be postponed through medical examination and counseling. Actually, we all need a thorough checkup about every three years, and if you are over 40, you should get an annual check. Even if you do not feel ill, you may not know it walking around with diseases that impair quality of life. Through health screenings you get in time uncovered and done something about these disorders. This will improve the quality of life and achieve greater profits to family and work. And in some cases save lives.

Affected by lifestyle diseases?

Data from the Heart Foundation sends a clear signal when it comes to men, and lifestyle diseases. Among men over 50 years is heart disease the leading cause of death. Many, many thousands die annually of cardiovascular disease and yearly hospitalized. Most are men over 50 years with cardiovascular disease. In addition, men die of cardiovascular disease at an earlier age than women. Every other man is overweight (BMI> 25) and in 10 are severely overweight (BMI> 30). Only every other male heavy smoker experiences his 70 th birthday.

About blood pressure, heart rate and blood pressure measurement

As part of the medical examination reveals doctor about specific risk factors and provides information on how these can be remedied eg by changing lifestyles, healthy diets, exercise, etc. Even small changes of habits can lead to the everyday physical and mental profit increases, thereby increasing to work. A heavy load at work and home can cause poor sleep, irritability, headache, decreased libido and depression. And in worst cases, stress can trigger high blood pressure, cardiovascular symptoms, gastrointestinal problems, back pain and other serious ailments. At the Heart Association's website is accredited sphygmomanometers for home use.

Specialist Health check

Although we are still far from having check on health, we have been far better to send ourselves to be serviced. Most private hospitals and a number of specialized private clinics offer preventive health screenings. During the medical examination and advise your doctor about how to care better for themselves and reduces stress. Your GP may also carry out a health check, just not at public expense. The option of getting a health check must covercharge - depending on how extensive a study chosen. For example:


The largest and most thorough investigation. Health Talk about medical history, hereditary conditions and lifestyle. Clinical Specialist examination. Relevant laboratory studies of, for example cholesterol, liver function and kidney function, blood sugar and metabolism. Examination of urine and feces. Cardiograms. Lung function study. Rounded conversation and after 1-2 weeks report of all laboratory results and documents, and physician's written opinion. An extensive body of study that provides an optimal insight into the body's health.


Clinical examination. Measurement of height and weight, pulse and blood pressure, calculation of BMI. This study is specifically designed for those who are interested in their physical form. Also used as a control study of athletes and exercisers of all ages. The doctor examines the heart function, maximal oxygen uptake, blood cholesterol and other risk factors. Furthermore, typical risk factor chart and suggestions for modification of lifestyle, exercise, diet, etc.


Between the expanded studies are recommended, as mentioned, a basic study. The survey typically include medical interview, clinical examination, various blood tests and lung function tests and ECG. This ensures that one can detect sudden symptoms of any disease. Moreover, a study that also typically used for the statutory review of staff with night work.


Health profile is typically conducted by a nurse. Measured blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. The results are evaluated along with other information such as weight, age, diet and exercise habits, etc. and any. lifestyle changes are discussed in order to reduce the risk of getting heart disease.


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