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In most countries you can choose any dentist you want just as you can freely switch between different dentists, but you also have the option to choose a dentist abroad and maybe get the same subsidies for dental treatment that you get in this country . There may be money to save on major dental treatments from a foreign dentist, but the cost is not the only thing that should be considered before one decides to let a foreign dentist treat. For example, it is not always easy to complain about a foreign dentist and the possibilities for repair and replacement can vary greatly from country to country. And you go to another European country to have made his teeth, you must first pay the dentist for treatment, and then even apply for a possible grant amounts refunded.

Who can possibly receive Reimbursement for Dental treatment abroad?

The opportunities to get reimbursement for treatment abroad in publicly licensed dentists are in most cases the same as in this country. If you are residing in this country and perhaps have access to health insurance without having to live here permanent, you can get a grant to get your teeth done in another EU country, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (EEA countries). You can typically receive reimbursement for dental procedures, where you pay more than half the cost of treatment in this country. If you decide you want treatment from a dentist abroad, you should choose a dentist who is publicly authorized, subject where appropriate, only be awarded if the dentist has authorized.

Health Insurance Subsidy and Reimbursement of Treatment abroad

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About calculation of Grants for Dental treatment abroad

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Health Insurance and Subsidies

If you are a member of health insurance, you can over ..............

The complaint against a foreign Dentist can be more difficult

Before you decide to get teeth fixed abroad, you should be aware that it may be more difficult to complain about a foreign dentist, and to be considered for any follow-up treatments, which may require additional travel. However, it is not possible to generalize about the quality of dental treatments abroad compared to treatments in this country. But take you to the dentist abroad, you are not covered by the traditional complaints system, and you can not get compensation from patient injury insurance. You hear instead under the rules applicable in that country. In this regard, please be aware that the rules on remedies and the possibility of receiving compensation can vary widely from country to country. Some places you might be left without coverage if there are failures or damages in connection with a treatment, or you are unhappy with the quality. Language difficulties and the possibility of follow-up treatments and after repair are other factors that should be considered before you decide to get treated teeth abroad.

Help if something goes wrong with the Foreign Dentist

All dentists can make mistakes. But you will be mistreated by a dentist in this country, you are covered by a well-known complaints. It is not you if you get out a treatment by a dentist abroad. You can, in other words, do not complain in this country of the foreign dentist. If you have a complaint about the treatment you received from a foreign dentist, you should always first contact the foreign dentist. Then he shall take a position on how the error can be corrected. If you can not find a solution with the dentist depends on your appeal of the complaints in the country. There may be great differences from country to country on the possibility of a complaint against a dentist, but if you want to complain about treatment in a foreign dentist you can contact the 'European Consumer' which is an association of European consumer centers. 'European Consumer' can where appropriate, help to find out whether it will be possible to complain about treatment in the country, which is typically done by your complaint is forwarded to a sister office in the country. - Click the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) >>

Dental treatment in this Country after a Dentist visit abroad

Just as one can switch between dentists in this country, one can also go to a dentist in this country, after having been to a dentist abroad. If one needs a larger or more dental treatments over a longer period Dental Association recommends that you retain the same dentist since optimal results are best achieved if the same dentist can constantly monitor and continually make adjustments if necessary. In most cases, a dentist in this country always greet you and arrange for necessary treatment. But in case of damage after treatment or poorly done dental work abroad, you must be prepared that you may be asked to go back to the dentist abroad to make good the damage or making adjustments. The dentist within its rights to, unless you have pain and urgent need for treatment. You can also expect that the dentist in this country will ensure there is documentation that any defects or damage have occurred before start of treatment at the clinic. This can be done via X-rays or a letter on your dental status, you are signing. The reason is that the dentist does not risk being held accountable for the faulty work performed by the dentist abroad. The dentist in this country has the right to charge for collection of evidence.



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