Fixed Prosthetics. About Dental crowns, bridges and implants for Tooth Loss.

When a tooth is cracked, there is often a need for a crown. Which type of crown used depends on the tooth's placement in the mouth, and function or cosmetic is the most important. Generally located both crowns and bridges fixed to teeth. The term is fixed prosthodontics, as opposed to removable prosthodontics, which can be taken out of the mouth (dentures). Cosmetically and functionally provides both crowns and bridges, a result that own natural teeth.

When the dentist will recommend crowns and bridges?

For example, when it is no longer justifiable to repair the tooth with a filling or the tooth is too weak or missing so much gear that you can not fix a filling or to put a crown on a dental implant or a discolored or misshapen teeth to be replaced or the tooth can be weakened by root canal treatment. If you have lost one or more teeth, but still have good teeth left on either side of unused space, you can have made a bridge. A long bridge requires more natural teeth to wear it as a bridge cemented onto the natural teeth, the so-called 'pillars'.

How does crowns?

A crown is used when it is no longer possible to repair the tooth with a filling. The main effect of a crown is that it surrounds and protects the remaining tooth found, and prevents the further destruction. At the same time, a crown is also used to improve the tooth's appearance, because the crown color, shape and slope can be determined as you want it. A crown can also be attached on top of an implant. This should replace both crown and root. It would be natural to teeth that are visible when talking or smiling, made in tooth-colored material, porcelain or plastic, to match the color of natural teeth, as opposed to a gold crown. Crowns made of gold alloys is often preferable to the rear molars, the chewing pressure is highest.

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge is an artificial replacement for one or more natural teeth. It is to be permanently secured to the adjacent teeth at each end and bears one or more intermediaries, which are designed as teeth. The adjacent teeth be ground to order to form the foundation for the bridge fortress. The core of the bridge is metal and is cemented in place. The treatment and the result is a row of teeth that can not be taken out and feel like natural teeth. A bridge can have three parts (teeth) or more. It is said that a dental bridge is a 3-stage, if it consists of an intermediary who is stuck at two anchor teeth, and 4-membered, if it consists of two intermediaries. There are limits to how long a bridge can be, but 3 -, 4 - and 5-membered bridges are quite common. Bridges, like crowns made of best metal, ceramic or gold alloys.

What is the procedure for crown treatment?

Before a crown or bridge can be made, the tooth or teeth adapted to the crown or bridge fits over. When the tooth or teeth are adapted to, the dentist takes an impression in order to obtain an accurate model for the preparation of the crown or bridge. For the use of tooth colored materials, the dentist the proper color for the crown or bridge, so it will fit in the color of natural teeth. A dental laboratory will then use the imprint to produce a model on which the crown or bridge can be made. The dentist places a temporary crown or bridge on the mating teeth, while the laboratory performing the dental work. When the crown or bridge is ready, remove the temporary 'cap' and the new crown or bridge is attached or cemented, which is the technical term.

Warranty. How long do crowns and bridges last?

Crowns and bridges can last for many, many years, but they can become loose and must then be fastened again. Recognized dental laboratories typically offer 6 year warranty on materials and structures, but in practice holds crowns / bridges in most cases in both 15 and 20 years. Good oral hygiene is essential for longevity of crowns and bridges. Teeth that have crowns or are piers may be as common teeth affected by caries and periodontal disease, and therefore requires regular monitoring. Talk to your dentist.

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