Dental Care for Seniors. About tooth loss, dental disease and Oral health for the elderly.

There are many changes in your body when you get older. We are smaller, lighter and drier. The height goes down, the weight is lower, and the distribution of water and fat in the body is different. Body Changes, which also affects older teeth and mouth. Here, explanations and descriptions of both genes as treatment options.

Nice teeth even in old age

Nice white teeth. Elderly are now much more aware of how their teeth look. And also the materials, technology and the entire dental treatment level significantly improved in recent years. Missing a tooth, it must be replaced. Are your teeth become dark and yellow, they can be pretty white, for example by switching to more expensive plastic fillings. - Click to read more about White teeths >>

Your own Teeth and Gums

My own Teeth - Toothless no More. More and more elderly people retain their own teeth into old age. But just the improved dental health in the elderly increases the need for action against the consequences of less saliva. People with reduced saliva production should go to the dentist at least every three months and remember to brush your teeth regularly. And you should always inform your dentist about his drug use. 

Dry mouth and reduced Saliva production

Dry mouth. Sputum production is often reduced when you get older or get different kinds of medicine. Less saliva may cause discomfort in the mouth such as caries, problems with the gums, bad hold of prosthetics, speech difficulty swallowing or sponge. In most cases, can not treat dry mouth, but only alleviate the symptoms. Most important is a thorough brushing and the use of toothpicks or dental floss daily. A thorough cleaning of any dentures on all surfaces is also very important. Otherwise, the recommended Xerodent, which is a lozenge which prevents dry mouth, while fluorine prevents caries and inhibit bacterial formation. Xerodent available at pharmacies.

Treatment of dry mouth

ON DRY MOUTH. You could even do something about the problem in between visits to the dentist: It's a good idea to sip a glass of water during the day. It moistens the mouth. Sugarfree chewing gums and lozenges are also good because it stimulates saliva production. At the pharmacy you can get a spray or gel or a mouthwash that retain moisture in your mouth. - Click more about dry mouth and treatment of dry mouth >> 

About paradentosis

Paradentosis. Tendency for periodontal disease increased with age. Improper brushing can also easily lead to Exposed Root Surfaces. With age, reduced fine motor skills slowly and it becomes harder to brush your teeth the right way. 'Long teeth' are especially exposed to root caries, which is the worst form of tooth decay. Ordinary caries attack only the enamel on chewing surfaces and sides of the teeth, whereas root caries attack the exposed tooth root. Have the gums receded, and there has been caries down at the very root, it is important to stop the development. Let the dentist give guidance on effective brushing technique. Electric toothbrush is a good solution for people with arthritis and poor fine motor skills.

Bacterial Coating

Plaque. Plaque is the bacterial coatings that sit on teeth and gums. This can cause gingivitis, caries, or inflammation of any prosthesis. Daily brushing, use of toothpicks or dental floss, and massage the gums is the best way to reduce plaque.

About dentures

Denture. Many elderly people have replaced their own teeth with a dental prosthesis. Although done a great job of adapting the prosthesis exactly to your mouth, there may be a little soreness. It usually disappears within a few days. If not, you should contact your dentist or denturist. In the beginning you will also feel a little trouble with speech. It usually goes quickly, but you can quickly improve speaking ability, for example by reading aloud to himself.

Implant Prostheses and jammed teeth

JAMMED TEETH. More and more people are replacing dentures with Dental implants that are screwed into the bone and then stuck and act as if it were one's own teeth. And unlike earlier today it is a small, easy and quick operation to be done. Just one hour does it take to put an implant in an above or below the mouth. The new technique means teeth in no time, less hassle and less pain, but yet the method is rather expensive. - Click about new fixed teeth in one hour >>

Grants and personal allowances for Dental treatment

Investigate opportunities for grants and personal allowances for pensioners. In some countries there are health supplements which covers up to 85% of user charges for dental services. Often, support for removable prostheses. The size of the health allowance is dependent on the pensioner's income and assets. Application for medical allowance should be sent to local authorities. The personal allowance covers, where appropriate, reasonable and necessary health-related expenses if the pensioner is in a difficult economic situation. The supplement may include the remaining payment for health allowance and personal allowances and be eligible for treatments that health insurance does not subsidize.

Click to see a number of dental costs and subsidies >>  


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