Dry Mouth (Xerostomia). About causes with Dry Mouth and decreased Saliva production. Dealing With Dry Mouth?

There may be various reasons that you have Dry mouth. It may be the use of certain medications, certain diseases, and radiation therapy to the mouth and throat which affects the salivary glands. Apart from dry mouth is very uncomfortable, it also has the unfortunate consequences that both teeth and mucosal easier affected by diseases. Sometimes the condition is real - other times it is experienced only as such. Whether it is real or not can be determined by getting measured saliva production to the dentist. Dry mouth or xerostomia is a very frequent and troublesome condition as about 10 pe cent. of the population suffers from. The frequency is slightly smaller in the younger age groups, but estimated at around 20 percent aged 70+. Dry mouth in the form of dry, delicate and vulnerable mucous membranes are commonly observed in patients suffering from Sjögren's syndrome and diabetes and in patients receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy and in the elderly, medicated patients. Moreover, in patients with prosthetic sponge.

Sequelae of dry mouth

Effects. By far the most frequent sequelae of dry mouth are Dental Caries, Oral Cavities, inflammation of the gums (marginal parodontiter), inflammation of the mucosa (mucositismed) burning and stinging of the mouth and infection (candidiasis) in the mouth and throat. There may also be difficulty in swallowing, speech difficulties and serious problems of wearing dentures, and bad breath will often occur. Your dentist may prescribe medication to treat fungal infection of the oral cavity. - Click and read about the elderly, dental diseases and teeth >>

Treatment of dry mouth (xerostomia)

Dry mouth. It is important to remove plaque and prevent tooth decay. On the whole, perfect oral hygiene important for example, use of toothpicks and dental floss, as well as for daily brushing is recommended electric toothbrush. Use toothpaste with fluoride and brushing extend also to be done both before and after meals. In addition, attempted actions that can increase saliva secretion or you can supplement with mouthwash with chlorhexidine to moisten the mucous membranes. Some mouthwashes may discolor teeth after prolonged use. Denture Carriers can suck sour lozenges and patients with own teeth can suck sugarless sour lozenges fluoridated example Xerodent a sugarless lozenge. Xerodent works in three ways: It stimulates saliva protects teeth against decay and inhibits the formation of bacteria. - Xerodent available at the pharmacy .

Decreased saliva production

Normally produced approximately 1 liter of saliva a day. If salivary function is impaired, it poses problems with the teeth. There will be decreased resistance to infection and can cause caries. Saliva contains 99 percent water, antibacterial substances that fight bacteria. Enzymes that begin the digestion of food. Mucin, which lubricates and forms a barrier against bacteria. Lime to counteract caries. It is therefore important not to eat sour candy, chewing gum and sugary drink lemonade because the sugar content. The sugar fueling bacteria and fungi in the mouth, thus increasing the risk of tooth decay and fungal infection of the mucosa.

Artificial saliva

Drink water or drink "artificial saliva" which is made of: 1 part water, 1 part glycerine and lemon drops to taste. Rinse mouth as needed and sinkers or spit it out afterwards. Have you denture made it out before you rinse. Other artificial saliva products: Saliva stimulating chewing and sucking tablets, sugar-free gum such Sorbits, Lozenges example Profylin (OTC Pharmacy) Fluoride Gum instance Fluorette (prescription), Spray eg Multi Oral Spray (OTC), Jelly eg Multi Oral gel (OTC), which is well under dentures.

Oral Care Series for Dry mouth and Delicate mucous membranes

Oral Care series. There has developed oral care series of persons suffering from dry mouth and delicate membranes of the mouth at all. Most consists of a toothpaste, gel and the somewhat a spray. The series has not been tested scientifically, so you have to try them. - Zendium have developed a special product that relieve dry mouth: Zendium saliva gel and a matching foot spray. Products containing a high concentration of colostrum (colostrum from cows that have just calved). Zendium says that this colostrum contains more of the same ingredients as saliva and replaces therefore to some extent the lack of saliva. Gel and mouth spray both moisturizes and adds a protective layer over the mucosa. The gel can also be used as a denture adhesive. If the mouth is very dry, it's good to rinse with water before the gel is smeared on.

Talk to your dentist about the problem. Your dentist can recommend a saliva substitute compositions which can ease discomfort of dry mouth, like your dentist may recommend that you use mouthwash, or give your teeth the local fluoride treatment.


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