Dentures and prosthetic overhaul. Should you go for inspection at the Dentist when you have prosthesis?

Yes, you should visit the dentist at least once a year. Gum, which the prosthesis sits on fades with age. Wastage gets prosthesis to side badly fixed, but there are very big difference in what happens to the gums and some patients are very troubled by the gums shrink rapidly. Shrinkage often results that you get a tight-lipped look, or that the mouth seems haggard. As a prosthetic user should therefore undergo an annual inspection of the prosthesis and the oral cavity and polishing of the prosthesis.

Annual prosthesis overhaul. When the gum shrinks.

Once the gums have shrunk, the prosthesis is "diverted". Dentists call this treatment, which is filled into the prosthesis for a 'rebasing'. Some people need a rebasing with frequent intervals, others might do one every five years. In any circumstance it is recommended to get the prosthesis controlled by a dentist once a year. Will gum-shrinkage very large, without the prosthesis adjusted, it causes the prosthesis can cause great damage to the gums or other oral cavity. Gums fades too quickly, and impaired function of the prosthesis further. One must be careful on his gums, they should last a lifetime. It is not only the considerations of gum-shrinkage that the prosthesis must be checked and adjusted. There may be inflammation or sponge and sometimes very serious diseases. It's not always you yourself can feel it, but it must still be addressed. - Click on modern dentures >>

Soft toothbrush to the palate and gums

It is important that the brush gums and the palate with a soft brush in order to stimulate blood circulation. If one partial denture, it is important that the brackets and the teeth are cleaned in order to prevent dental caries in the bracket tooth. Remember too thorough brushing of any natural teeth, who keeps Partial shaper in place. Brush your dentures thoroughly on all surfaces and along the teeth, so there are coatings or food particles between teeth. Add the prosthesis in water at night. Gums and palate is good for "rest" and there will be oxygen to the mucous membranes in the mouth. Is thrush a problem, dental or medical advice in order to print an efficient fungal cure in the form of ointment or tablets.

Cleaning dentures

Dentures and oral hygiene. Dentures should be as natural teeth brushed morning and night, and it's a good idea to rinse denture thoroughly after every meal. Good oral hygiene is important to avoid bad breath. Use a denture toothbrush with floating prosthesis Cleaner, hand soap or toothpaste without abrasives. For example Zendium-sensitive which have a low abrasion value of 48 and contain an additional mild abrasive, and thus protects the prosthesis from abrasive damage. Avoiding the toothpaste abrasive, which may scratch the prosthesis surface and to make it flat and worn. You can also use the cleaner in tablet form such as Steradent Tabs or Corega Tabs, which disinfects and prevents bacteria formation - antibacterial denture cleaning in minutes. Corega can eg be purchased at the pharmacy and at the drugstore.

Discoloration of prostheses

Discoloration. If your denture has become discolored, you can put it to soak in a solution with Bio-Tex. You can also put the prosthesis in pure vinegar, if that has come tartar on the prosthesis. Remember to brush and rinse denture thoroughly afterwards.

Tartar on prosthetics

Mix ½ water and ½ vinegar in a water glass. Add the prosthesis in the solution overnight. Dental stone is now gone soft and can be scraped off with a toothpick or plastic stick, but avoid anything that might scratch.

Attach the prosthesis

Attaching capability.Lips and mucous membranes changes with age. This means that the prosthesis loses its fit. If the prosthesis is not adjusted, there may be speech and chewing effort. If you are unlucky, you may cause ulcers, fungal infections, and muscle problems. For example, the ultra-cream Corega a product developed to attach the prosthesis and to prevent food particles from penetrating between the denture and the gums, which enhances comfort. The prosthesis can break if you drop it. It can be avoided if you take up some water in the sink, so the prosthesis lands softly. If an accident occurs, contact your dentist. Hard coatings such as tartar may be difficult to remove without damaging the prosthesis. Consult your dentist and get cleaned and polished prosthesis.

Dentures are replacement for missing teeth. Dentures will never feel like your own teeth, you have to get used to them, and you must learn to use them. Even though dentures nowadays made so they look natural and are more comfortable than before.

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