Pregnancy and Dental Care. About teeth, Dentist visits and Dental care during Pregnancy.

When you're pregnant, there are many things that change and new issues are emerging. Some apply to your dental health. For example, your diet and possible cravings for sweets, increased focus on oral hygiene and changes in hormonal balance that can get the gums to react.

Dietary Guidelines during pregnancy

DIET. Being pregnant is also to prepare to become a mother. You become more aware of eating healthy and versatile - both for your own sake and for the child's sake, for you are now responsible to anyone other than yourself. You are also more aware of your own well being and health. If you get cravings during pregnancy, for example to eat sweets, you must pay extra attention to your oral health.

About Oral hygiene

For teeth and gums is what before you were pregnant, the teeth must be kept clean with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Many also use dental floss and toothpicks. If you have morning sickness, it's a good idea only to brush your teeth very lightly in the morning and make more of it in the evening. Dental caries occurs when the bacteria coatings are allowed to sit undisturbed for a long time, and when the bacteria frequently replenished with sugar, which transforms into the acid. This is the acid, which may cause tooth decay. Therefore, it is important to keep the teeth clean. It is also bacteria, which gives the gum inflammation and bleeding gums. Make extra of oral hygiene during your pregnancy, which may also help in such hormonally dependent bad Breath (Halitosis) related to pregnancy, which you mentioned typically will be more susceptible to health problems in the mouth such as gingivitis. Products such as small dental "bottles Cities" floss, toothpicks gives a better oral hygiene. The same applies to use of the electric toothbrush.

Fluoride and pregnancy

FLUOR AND PREGNANT. Generally plays ingestion of fluoride during pregnancy has no practical role for the fetus, since fluoride ion is embedded in the mother's skeleton or excreted in the urine and is unlikely to affect the mineralizing teeth in the fetus. It has never been demonstrated that dental fluorosis (fluoride poisoning) has occurred for this reason. However, the prescription Colgate Duraphat, toothpaste used only by persons 16 years or older. And while Colgate Duraphat toothpaste should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding, unless there is careful assessment of risks and benefits. Product Data: 1 g Duraphat toothpaste contains 5 mg of fluoride, equivalent to 5000 ppm fluoride. Source: Medicines Agency

Gums and Hormone balance

HORMONE BALANCE. During pregnancy, the gums often react very strongly and is easy to bleed, as already discussed. This is due to natural changes in hormone balance. You must continue ætte to brush your teeth, use dental floss or toothpicks that you have been guided by a dentist. This way you know that it gives you standing problems.

Gums. About half of all pregnant women during pregnancy will find that the gums can easily come to bleed, and that it is tender, red and swollen. The problem arises most often in pregnancy 2 months to re-buy for 9 month of pregnancy. Another form of inflammation of the gums can also occur in pregnant women in which the gum a given place between the two teeth may begin to grow rapidly. The swelling will be sore and bleed easily when touched. - Click here to read more in Dental FAQs >>

Dental treatment and anesthesia during pregnancy

STUNNING. There are precautions that your dentist should take into account in connection with a local anesthetic, so you should always tell your dentist about your pregnancy. For example, your dentist will avoid an anesthetic that contains a substance that looks like you use to start a birth. But by any dentist and therefore do anesthetics containing epinephrine, which might affect the blood vessels in the placenta and thereby reduce the fetal heart rate. Likewise, there should not be used nitrous oxide to pregnant in the first 3 months of pregnancy, but also by your dentist. The local anesthetic injection means that dentists often use for pregnant women is "Citanest-Dental Octapressin" which also can be used during lactation. Does your dentist felt that you should be treated before you give birth, you can safely get it done, but talk to your dentist about your pregnancy.

X-rays and Dental work during Pregnancy

X-rays. Dental X-rays is so low a radiation dose, there is no risk to fetus or the pregnant. Yet avoiding any major dental treatments during pregnancy. However, there is a need for X-ray protect the body against the X-rays through a lead shield. Either in the form of a large apron, a shoulder or collar. In addition, many dentists today use digital X-ray, whereby the already much small radiation dose is minimized further. Talk to your Dentist about your possible concerns.

On radiation doses

Doses of radiation. Radiation dose is a measure of the amount of energy absorbed by the body in a study. The dosage is measured in Sievert, which is a large device. Therefore, given radiation dose for x-rays usually in millisievert (mSv). 1 Sv = 1000 mSv. An adult will have an average radiation dose of about 5 mSv a year. The majority comes from natural sources such as: From your own body, radioactive substances in the body: 0.2 mSv - From outer space and the sun: 0.3 mSv - From the ground: 0.5 mSv - Radon, radioactivity in soil and building materials: 3, 0 mSv. - From X-ray studies: 0.6 mSv. Source: Health Protection Agency

Amalgam is safe for pregnant women

Silver fillings safe for pregnant women. Recent studies could not find evidence that maternal Amalgam silver fillings are harmful to the fetus / child during pregnancy and lactation. And the results establishes clear that there seems to be reason for concern about the mercury from dental fillings that are transmitted from mother to fetus / child. Scientists have been able to demonstrate the transmission of small amounts, but in none of the studies they were able to show that the presence of mercury would have a detrimental effect on the fetus / child. Studies also show that maternal consumption of fish is the single largest source of transfer of mercury from mother to fetus / child during pregnancy and lactation. Fish, including tuna, swordfish and halibut, one should therefore avoid eating in large amounts when you are pregnant and when breastfeeding. Source: Dentist magazine DK

About child tooth formation

TOOTH FORMATION. Child's teeth formation begins around the fifth month of pregnancy. Children are born without teeth in the mouth, but hidden in the gums. Some children will be born with teeth, but it is extremely rare. - Click more about tooth formation, tooth eruption and Teething - the first tooth >>

Regular Dental care

DENTAL VISITS. It is important that you fit your regular visits to the dentist and tell the dentist that you are pregnant. Often it would be prudent with an extra visit to the dentist during pregnancy to obtain controlled oral hygiene, teeth and gums. If in doubt about anything with your teeth or your gums, you can always ask your dentist for advice.


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