About Teeth, Dental Crowns, Bridges, Dentures and Implants.

Most important for the dentist, is to keep your own teeth now and in the long run. This is best done when a tooth injury detected early and treated promptly. Therefore, it is recommended to have a treatment plan. That is, the dentist makes a thorough review of your dental status. A treatment plan is a planning into the future so you know what will happen to your teeth to maintain good smile for life. For example, you acquire knowledge about the teeth to do anything about what should be done when it should be done and what it will cost.


Cosmetically and functionally provides both crowns and bridges, a result like natural teeth. A crown can be made of porcelain or metal-ceramic to resemble natural teeth - or in gold. A bridge manufactured by the same principles as crowns and used as a replacement of one or more teeth, where you only use neighboring teeth as 'piers'. - Read more >>


Implants are a safe way to replace teeth, whether you've lost one, many or all of your teeth. A dental implant is made of titanium and shaped like a screw, is inserted into the jawbone and serves as a root for the new tooth. It may be crowns, bridges or dentures. The result looks like and feels like natural teeth. - Read more >>


Dentures are replacement for missing teeth. Dentures replace a few, many or all of the natural teeth, when they can not be kept longer. Few are able to retain all of their natural teeth throughout life. Dentures will never feel like your own teeth, you have to get used to them, and you must learn to use them. Today sees prostheses, however natural, and is far more comfortable than before. - Read more >>


Previously it was thought that orthodontics only for children, but technological advances and new types of dental braces made treatment easier and more efficient. Today, of all ages to correct teeth - it's never too late. It is also possible to choose cosmetic dental braces, where the locks placed on the teeth back, so 'the hanger' can not be seen. - Read more >>

Cosmetic dentistry

Manicured beautiful teeth are important for well being and appearance. For any required perhaps just a tooth whitening or a visit in which each tooth shape changed with plastics, other times it requires more extensive treatments. For instance, porcelain fronts to restore cracked or worn teeth, or to change a tooth's appearance. A beautiful smile can also be highlighted with a tooth ornament. Talk to your dentist. - Read more >>


Common treatments such as preventive, periodontal therapy, caries treatment, root canals, crowns and bridge treatments, prosthetic treatment and toothache. More specific treatments such as cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening, dental crowns, composite fillings), surgery of the oral cavity (the removal of wisdom tooth, root tip operations, biopsies), temporomandibular joint (tenderness, jaw pain), Teeth Straightening, reconstruction of the dentition, implant treatments (new fixed teeth), Orthodontics and treatment under general anesthesia and not least the new opportunities where you can get jammed teeth in one hour. Here it may be a good idea to check costs and markets, as dentists often have specialized. - Click Dental visits >>


Humans have 20 milk teeth, all of 'falling out' before puberty and replaced with 32 permanent teeth. Including 8 incisors, 4 canines, 16 molars and 4 wisdom teeth, if all else teeth are brought. Teeth have many functions such as they grind food, helping to form words during speech, and so they have a major impact on our appearance. If you are missing many teeth in your mouth, it goes not only beyond one's ability to chew, but also one's psychological wellbeing, quality of life and social contacts are affected. Only if you have at least 20 natural teeth in your mouth, you have a so-called 'functional dentition'. - Click FAQs about teeth and dentistry >>


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