Tips and facts about teeth, dental care and more happy smiles

Did you know that in certain countries identified or "named" a tooth to log its location and type where the numbers indicate the tooth there is (Tooth numbering system) >> 1: Large teeth - 2: Small teeth - 3: Corner Dental - 4: First small cheek tooth - 5: Other small molar - 6: First major cheek tooth (6 years) - 7: Second major cheek tooth (12 years) - 8: Third large molar (wisdom tooth) - 01: Large milk teeth - 02: Small milk teeth - 03: Milk Corner Dental - 04: The first milk molar - 05: The second milk molar. The system is called 'Haderup's Nomenclature', where + indicates that we are talking about the upper jaw, and - the lower jaw. As an example this means that the 3 + therefore, the corner is the second in the upper jaw side of the page. -6 Is first large cheek tooth in lower jaw left side. 05 + is the second milk molar in the mandibular right side etc. Each surface of a tooth is also indicated by a figure >> Flat 1: is the chewing surface. - Flat 2: is the side facing toward the midline. - Flat 3: is the side facing the cheek and lips. - Flat 4: is the side facing away from the midline. - Flat 5: is the side facing toward the roof of the mouth / tongue. For example, means "flat 1 -6; caries" that there is a hole in the mandibular first large molar on the left side.

Did you know that humans have 20 milk teeth all fall out before puberty and replaced with 32 permanent teeth. Including 8 incisors, 4 canines, 16 molars and 4 wisdom teeth, if all else teeth are brought. Teeth have many functions such as they grind food, helping to dan-ing of words during speech, and so they have a major impact on our appearance. If you are missing many teeth in your mouth, it goes not only beyond one's ability to chew, but also one's psychological wellbeing, quality of life and social contacts are affected. Only if you have at least 20 own natural teeth in your mouth, you have a functional dentition.

Did you know that Dental assistants may perform dental cleanings and low fillings and root canals Dental hygienists - as long as the dentist takes responsibility. This is the result of a new authorization Act that removes restrictions on use of assistants. The law thus means that it is up to the dentist to determine which treatments his or her staff are qualified to perform. As long as the dentist show care and conscientiousness, the law is respected.

Did you know that you have to pay for 'No show' from missed appointment. It is permissible to send a bill for a small amount of arrival from an agreed consultation. In dentists' agreement states that the consumer within 2 hours before an appointment with the dentist should make sure to cancel.

Did you know that insurance distinction between damage to teeth and chew damage and that not all disability insurance covers damage to teeth and even fewer cover chewing damage. It is therefore a good idea to check his accident to see if it also covers dental injuries.

Did you know that nature is to "eliminate" wisdom teeth. According to the researchers due to the fact that the human jaw has become smaller and no longer accommodate all the teeth. 10 percent of the population lacks facilities for wisdom teeth from birth.

Did you know that studies have shown that mouthwashes can in no way substitute for brushing. The toothbrush is still the best weapon against tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Did you know that if you are retired, you may get financial help for dental visits if you can not afford. Ask your local authorities on how the funding rules are.

Did you know that tartar is formed when bacterial coating on the teeth calcify. It is the calcium in saliva, which are deposited in the coatings.

Did you know that you can correct teeth as an adult, and that the fixed bracket can often put on the inside of the teeth.

Did you know that about one in four adults suffer from sensitive teeth and that the cause may be an improper brushing technique.

Did you know that regular fluoride rinse give stronger teeth to prevent caries and reduce the risk of getting cavities.

Did you know that it can help to brush your tongue with a toothbrush if you suffer from bad breath.


1. Dental issues. Tips and facts about teeth, dental care, dental studies and more happy smiles.
2. Dental crowns. How many years keeps Dental Crowns, bridges and pin teeth typical?
3. Dentures. Should you go for inspection at the Dentist when you are a denture user?
4. Dental implants. Insertion of dental implants and implant prostheses.
5. Orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment, Dental Braces, plastic aligners and tooth irregularity.
6. Cosmetic dentistry. Tooth Whitening, Tooth Bonding and Ways to Whiten Teeth.
7. Teeth-in-an-Hour: Immediate Implant Technique and modern Dental Implant Technology.
8. Dental caries. What causes caries and decay's and how to prevent tooth decay?
9. Gums bleed. About gingivitis and gums that bleed when you brush your teeth.
10. Halitosis or Bad breath. Oral hygiene, hunger breath and bad smell from the throat.
11. Bruxism and Teeth Grinding. I grind my teeth and experienced tooth pressure. Can it be treated?
12. Dental Emergencies and Tooth injuries. About procedures if a tooth is knocked out.
13. Dental Root Canal Treatment. What causes dental root inflammation and what should be done?
14. Periodontitis diseas. Loose teeth, aggressive periodontitis and periodontal treatment.
15. Blisters. Cure for blisters. What causes Mouth sores, Ulcers and Blistering in the mouth?
16. Dental Anxiety and Phobia. Are you afraid of the dentist. What can be done by dental phobia?
17. Installment dentist. About dental loans and repayment arrangements with the dentist.
18. Aching and sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth, tooth pain and toothpaste against sensitive teeth.
19. Fluoride toothpaste. About Fluoride therapy, Fluorine, Pregnancy and Toothpaste with Fluoride.
20. Pregnancy and Dental Care. Should pregnant women take special care when visiting the dentist?
21. Dental Care for Seniors. Dental health, dry mouth, tooth loss and Oral health for the Elderly.
22. Wisdom Tooth. What are Wisdom teeth. Do Wisdom teeth always have to be Removed?
23. Grants for Dental. Financial Assistance for Dental Treatment. Grants For Dental Care?
24. Tooth extraction. Simple and surgical extraction. Tooth Removal Aftercare Advice.
25. Dental Fillings. Tooth Fillings, Dental caries and Tooth decay - Dental Restoration.
26. Dry mouth, Xerostomia. Dry Mouth and decreased Saliva production. Dealing With Dry Mouth?
27. Tooth Abscess. Dental abscesses, Root Abscess, Infected tooth's root and Treatment.
28. Acid Damage to Teeth. How to avoid Enamel Erosion and Acid damage to teeth?
29. Dental Complaints. How do I Complain about my Dentist and Dental treatment?
30. Choosing Dentist. The choice of Dentist, Dentistry and Dentist Prices. How to switch Dentist?
31. Toothache. Acute Toothache, Painkillers for toothache and out of hours emergency Dental care.
32. Oral piercings. Lip and Tongue piercings, piercings in mouth and cheek. Risk of Oral piercing?
33. Diet and Dental Health. Sweet and Sour vs pH of Saliva and Dental Caries -Tooth decay.
34. Children's teeth and teething. The first tooth, eruption, tooth replacement and Kids Dental.
35. Painless dentistry. About Anesthesia, Dental laser drilling, Laughing Gas and Acupuncture.
36. Dental calculus. Tartar, Hardened dental Plaque, Dental cleaning, Bacteria, Caries and Gingivitis.
37. Diabetes and Dental Care. Oral Health, Caries, Gingivitis and Oral problems in diabetes.
38. Amalgam vs Plastic. Dental Fillings and health effects of Silver and Mercury fillings in the teeth.
39. Dentistry abroad. About Dental treatment and Remedies for Dental Malpractice abroad.
40. Dental Surgery. Dental diseases, Dentistry and Periodontal surgery under Anesthesia.

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