Acid Damage to Teeth. How to avoid Teeth erosion, Acid burns and Damage to the teeth?

Cola and other soft drinks corrode teeth. The rising consumption of soft drinks is the reason why more and more children and young people have acid damage to teeth - even burns. Tooth Erosion is a chemical solution of the tooth surface. It occurs when your teeth for a longer period, many times a day is exposed to acid from food, beverages or from the stomach. In this way you risk that tooth enamel dissolves or popular terms "etched" away. If you also grind their teeth can go really fast. Loss of enamel can never be restored!

The risk of Tooth erosion and Acid damage

Might I get erosions on teeth? Yes, if you treat your teeth incorrectly, even if you're good to brush your teeth. Do you drink several times daily acidic beverages such as sodas, colas (even light products), acidic sports drinks, fruit juices, soft drinks, wine or cider, then you are at high risk. Bottles with screw cap can get you to take small sips of the drink over a long time and thus get your teeth to be in the "acid bath". It damages your teeth. Eat fruit every day, but not too many pieces. Too many acidic fruits (eg citrus and sour apples) and sour candy with fruit flavor can also cause erosions. If you suffer from acid reflux or vomit frequently, you are especially vulnerable.

Toothpaste to help prevent Acid damage

For example, include acid Zendium Defence protective proteins colostrum and casein, which helps to prevent acid injury to the tooth surface. With a maximum concentration of fluorine (1450 ppm) is reduced while the risk of dental caries. Zendium Acid Defense has in studies emerged as the most effective toothpaste against acid damage.

About pH and minimize the risk of Acid damage

How to minimize the risk of acid damage? Limit the number of intakes of acidic food and drinks. Eat and drink only sour in relation to main meals, when other foods are neutralizing. Acidity is measured in pH on a scale of 1-13. Seven of water is neutral and has a pH value of 7 Cola has a pH of 2.4 and apple juice to a pH of 3.5. It is when the pH in the oral cavity falls below 5.7, the tooth enamel starts to dissolve. Depending on our saliva quality, it takes between 40-60 minutes before our teeth are exempt from the acid bath. - Click here about teeth, diet and how to avoid caries >>

About Dental erosions

How do dental erosions out? It must be very bad before you even see them. Tooth surface may be completely exhausted, but it can also be polished and mirrored. In severe cases, the hollowed-out areas of the chewing surfaces, or on the front and back of the teeth. The hollowed areas typically will see more yellow, relative to the remainder of the tooth. If the enamel is very thin, a little example of the front teeth cutting edge, the tooth will here appear grayish and transparent. The worn thin enamel breaks off in small pieces, and the teeth are shorter than they originally were.

Treatment of Acid damage and Dental erosions

How can dental erosions treated? If they are discovered at an early stage, it will usually be sufficient for the future you avoid consuming / exposing your teeth to it, as in your case has caused the damage. In some cases, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to keep track of whether your tooth enamel continues to degrade. If you have pain, the dentist has several options to help you eg with fluoride treatment, varnishing or small plastic fillings. Has there been major damage, it may be necessary to undertake extensive and costly treatment with bite raising and / or orthodontic treatment in order to build the bite up again with new dental crowns.

Advice against Caries and Acid damage

Drink acidic beverages rapidly or to a suction pipe. - Do not take small sips over a long time and do not rinse the liquid around in your mouth. - Rinse mouth with water or milk immediately after that has been sour on the teeth. - Avoid brushing teeth immediately after ingestion of acidic products, or after vomiting. - Take extra, if you suffer from dry mouth. - If you chew sugarless gum such V6 immediately after eating increases the pH to normal levels within a few minutes and reducing the risk of acid damage as well as caries. - Seek medical attention if you suffer from eating disorders or have a lot of belching.

Ask your dentist for advice if you suspect that you are at risk for getting or had acid damage to tooth enamel. Read also possibly "answer 33" on the teeth and diet.


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