Dental Complaints. How do I Complain about my Dentist and Dental treatment?

Complaints about Dental treatment, Dentist and Dental pratice ......

Are you feeling mistreated by a Dentist, Dental hygienist or Dental technician, or been damaged teeth, or not give consent to treatment, or been refused access to records or are dissatisfied with the dentist's Costs etc You can complain in writing to ....... ...

If you believe you qualify for compensation for the damages you suffered in connection with the investigation and treatment .............

Complaints if something goes wrong in a foreign dentist

All dentists can make mistakes. If you have a complaint about the treatment you received from a foreign dentist, you should always first contact your dentist. Then he must consider how any dentist can correct the error. If you can not find a solution with the dentist depends on your appeal of the complaints in the country. There may be great differences from country to country on the possibility of a complaint about a dentist, but if you want to complain about treatment in a foreign dentist you can contact 'Consumer Europe "- European Consumer Centres Network, a consortium of European consumer centers. 'Consumer Europe' 'may, where appropriate, help to find out whether it will be possible to complain about treatment in the country, which is typically done by your complaint is forwarded to a sister office in that country. - Click 'Consumer Europe' if you want to complain about a foreign dentist >>



Should I pay the bill for treatment, even though I complain? Yes. An appeal shall not suspend the payment for dental treatment. Payment for treatment may be required deposited in the region before the complaint is admissible. Compensation may be granted, whether the dentist is likely to be at fault.

Do you want compensation? Want to claim damages for improper treatment by a dentist, so you can either go back to the dentist or to ................. Ultimately it is the dentist's insurance, which will consider and assess the case and possibly pay damages. The actual process is handled by ........................................, which forwards the case to dentist's insurance company if you want compensation. You should be aware that compensation requires that an error has occurred during processing. A fault may be that the dentist has chosen the wrong treatment or dentist equipment and / or the technical means failed.

What is the liability may appeal system require the dentist? The academic complaints may decide that the dentist must return the amount of the fee or the entire fee for dental treatment .......... You also have the option to bring a civil judicial proceedings in the courts.

What does it cost to appeal? In most countries it is free to complain. There is no lower limit on the amount that the complaint should apply. Complaint Deadlines - The professional treatment: You can complain about the professional care of your teeth. This applies equally to the study as treatment. In this case, you can appeal within two years after you are - or should be - become aware of the problem. Other complaints: You can also complain about other than the technical part of the treatment. Do you think for example that you've got another treatment or a service than you agreed, or that the price of the final treatment is higher than the price you agreed with the dentist, you can complain. In such cases the appeal period ..................... after you have become familiar with the relationship.

What should the complaint contain? All complaints must be in writing and dated. Make use of a consumer complaint form, so there's no doubt about what you are complaining about. Your complaint should include information about the dentist who complained about what is complained of when it occurred, what in your opinion, agreed, and what you want to achieve with the complaint. Any specific complaints submitted online or by post to ......................

Brief review process: First, try talking to your dentist about the problem before you submit an skiftlig complaint. Be as accurate as possible in formulating your complaint, as stated must be in writing. The appeal deadline is typically two years after you are - or should - become aware of a problem with the treatment. The appeal deadline is only ....... weeks for matters relating to payment and the like. And as mentioned, you can appeal if your appeal is rejected ................



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