Cystitis - Bladder infection

Bladder infection (cystitis) is shown by the frequent and burning urination. It is usually women who get cystitis. That's because women have a short urethra, and bacteria thus easily reach the bladder. Cystitis is common among pregnant women. Particularly prone to develop cystitis women with prolapse of the uterus and very young women, due to periods of frequent intercourse. Elderly have an increased incidence of cystitis due to an inability to empty their bladder completely. Men rarely get cystitis and is seen almost exclusively in men who have problems with urination such. an enlarged prostate. Children rarely have cystitis.

Cystitis presenting as mentioned by frequent urination, burning during urination, pain over the lower abdomen and a feeling of not being able to empty the bladder completely. Urine may be smelly and bloody. Fever and chills may indicate pyelonephritis. By ordinary cystitis has not fever. Although some bladder infections go by itself, it is appropriate to be treated with antibiotics for a few days. Antibiotics have the genes to disappear quickly and prevent the infection from spreading to the kidneys. Cystitis not contagious.

Treatment of Cystitis - Bladder infection

Self Treatment: Once you have cystitis, it is important to drink plenty, so the bladder rinse thoroughly and then you frequently go to the toilet and have emptied your bladder frequently, especially before bedtime and after intercourse. The urination, it is important that the bladder is emptied completely. Tendency to cystitis can be prevented by drinking cranberry juice daily. Natural underwear and warm clothing of the lower regions will also help to protect against cystitis.

Contact your doctor if you have pain when urinating, if you suspect a bladder infection in combination with blood in the urine, if you have fever, chills and low back pain. A frequent and urgent investigation is urine pricks who shows bacteria and white blood cells in urine. Bladder inflammation turn up almost always caused by bacteria and should therefore be treated with antibiotics. Once your doctor has put you in treatment with antibiotics, genes will disappear after a few days. If there are repeated cases of cystitis, you should be further investigated to find the cause.

Causes of cystitis

Good intimate hygiene helps to prevent cystitis. Wrong toilette occurs especially in women and girls. Women and girls have a very short urethra which is located relatively close to the end-gut opening. Women and girls must be dry from the crotch and back towards the anus - not vice versa - in order to avoid leading bacteria from the gut towards the vaginal orifice mucosa, where the bacteria can bind to the mucosa and then get into the urethra.

Other specific causes of cystitis are congenital malformations of the urinary tract. Malformations can lead to bladder empties completely during urination. Enlarged prostate in men likewise makes the bladder can not empty completely. Normally, urine sterile, but not completely emptied the bladder by urination, the small drop, which always remains, providing a breeding ground for bacteria. Urinary stones, which are very common in both men and women can also cause cystitis.

Herbal remedies against Cystitis

For example Vitabutin is a herbal medicine used for prevention and treatment easier, recurrent urinary tract infections (cystitis). Studies indicate that cranberry reducing bacteria's ability to stick to the urinary tract mucosa. Cranberry, through generations have been used to treat urinary tract symptoms in folk medicine.

It is not scientifically proven, but many women find that it helps to drink a glass of dilute cranberry juice daily or eating dried cranberries. , Together with 'Vitamin C' is cranberry, in many cases sufficient to obtain a milder cystitis away. Mention should also know that the plant Camomile and thus Chamomile tea believed to act against cystitis because Camomile contains bactericide and anti-inflammatory drugs and simultaneously relax the urinary tract.


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