Dental Crowns and bridges. Are there problems associated with dental crowns, bridges and pin teeth?

No, generally there are no problems with Dental crowns. Described individual cases allergic to some of the metal components can be included in the alloys, but this is very rare. A crown or bridge can come loose, and so it is important to contact your dentist immediately, otherwise it may take caries in the tooth. If the bridge feels too high or wrong bite, you should also turn to the dentist.

Crowns and bridges are like natural teeth

Cosmetically and functionally provides both crowns and bridges, a result like natural teeth. A crown can be made of porcelain or ceramic metal to resemble natural teeth or gold. A bridge manufactured by the same principles as crowns and used as a replacement of one or more teeth, where you only use neighboring teeth as 'pillars'. In most cases, dental crowns to protect and strengthen weakened and broken teeth. Typically, the teeth which are very large with the drilled-out seals, or teeth that have been root canal treated. Dental crowns can also be used to beautify teeth and smile. For example, where discolored front teeth replaced with porcelain facades, so-called laminate crowns, which is virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Laminate crowns are prepared as a thin ceramic shell, which is glued to the tooth. This provides a strong bond between the tooth and porcelain, and great strength of porcelain. - Click here to read more about dental solutions >>

Dental Crowns and Bridges last for many, many years

Dental crowns and bridges can last for many, many years, but they can become loose and must then be fastened again. Recognized dental laboratories typically offer 6 year warranty on materials and structures, but in practice holds crowns / bridges in most cases in both 15 and 20 years. Good oral hygiene is essential for longevity of crowns and bridges. Generally, very few serious complications associated with dental crowns, however, may be extra sensitive to cold and heat in the first months after treatment. The state feels uncomfortable, but require no treatment and are in themselves. If the crowns are made of porcelain, there may be small fracture of the porcelain. In most cases, such damage repair or smoothed. In some cases, it is necessary to replace with a new crown. Risk of fracture of porcelain is strongest in dollars, which sits on the rear molars due to a large chewing pressure. In rare cases, the root crack on teeth that are supplied with pin crowns, which in most cases means that the tooth must be removed.

Dental pin - a post with a crown

A dental pin is a post with a crown, where the pin task is to maintain "the restoration", and the pin at the same time will protect the remaining tooth from further destruction. Building with Post space is often used in a root canal treated tooth, the root canal treatment teeth with less than own vital teeth. Meanwhile, the risk of root fracture of a tooth, several times greater if the tooth has not been provided with a crown, but only have a post and a large filling. It is therefore recommended that root canal treatment teeth crown treatment, then, there is a larger than normal risk for these otherwise break. - Click more about root canal and price rigid teeth >>

How to care of Dental Crowns and Bridges

How to care for and maintain crowns and bridges? Dental crowns and bridges need to be nurtured and maintained as natural teeth, with all the trimmings to ensure a good daily oral hygiene, so the gums remain healthy. Further recommended that brushing with a soft brush on the front and back, as in natural teeth and that is used tooth paste with a low content of abrasive such as Zendium Sensitive. It is important that the transition between the brush and crown gum and it is important that the daily cleaning between the teeth of such dental floss, to keep the side surfaces free of bacteria. And so it is recommended to observe the regular checkups at the dentist.

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