Cosmetic dentistry. About Tooth Whitening, Tooth Bonding and Ways to Whiten Teeth.

The answer may be cosmetic dentistry with the purpose such as to reduce discoloration and yellowing entirety, or simply provide a whiter, healthier smile. Manicured beautiful teeth are important for well being and appearance. For any required perhaps just a tooth whitening or a visit in which each tooth shape changed with plastics, other times it requires more extensive treatments. For instance, porcelain fronts to restore cracked or worn teeth, or to change a tooth's appearance. A nice smile can also be highlighted with a tooth ornament. Cosmetic dentistry is also very much about advanced use of and dentist training in relation to new materials and techniques such as laser therapy, in combination with the dentist's eye for the beautiful and the ability to get the artificial to look natural, use of tooth-colored fillings (not metal) also in the back of the mouth.

Tooth-colored plastic

How does the imposition of a tooth-colored plastic? By laying a layer of tooth-colored plastic can cover the surface of discolored teeth, with a minor correction of tooth form. It is also possible to attach a modified, dental porcelain to be dyed (porcelain exterior) of the tooth. Often one is forced to beslibe tooth front a bit to make room for the plastic. Is not performed beslibning will level with the extra layer of plastic could easily seem clumsy. Then the tooth is etched surface. It becomes rough and the plastic can better stick. The right color plastic applied to the tooth and is given the right kind. The plastic is then cured by ultraviolet light. The surface is polished at the end. - Click more about Ways to Whiten Teeth >>

Porcelain Facades

Porcelain facades? The Perfect Facade made to fit to the tooth color and shape. Porcelain facades are generally stronger than use of plastic, but is also more expensive. Facade Coatings is a good way to repair teeth on. Exterior Coatings may include closing the small unwanted spaces, cover discolorations, fillings, brighten yellow teeth, correct crooked, or crooked teeth, or to change a tooth's appearance. Porcelain Veneers are very thin between 0.3 to 0.5 mm in thickness and very strong and will be applied directly to teeth. Exterior coatings secured with a special cement glue. Porcelain Veneers are expensive, but it's easier to get it to resemble the other teeth. One should probably expect that the treatments must be repeated with 5 to 10 years. - Click more about cosmetic dentistry >>

White composite fillings

White composite fillings? While the use of silver amalgam is falling sharply, gaining more and more plastic, and have now overtaken the number of amalgam fillings. And although that is currently not giving grants to large plastic fillings in back teeth (premolars and molars). Plastic has many qualities, both aesthetic and functional. The plastic is soft when it is placed on the tooth, which occurs in small thin layers. Each layer is cured individually with ultraviolet light (blue). If a composite filling is placed under optimal conditions, it is often a long life - typically at least five years. Cosmetic plastic filling is definitely a good solution where other choices might otherwise be more expensive solutions like porcelain facade or porcelain crown. Plastic is more complicated and time consuming to work with than amalgam and are therefore more expensive.

Facts About Bleaching Teeth

Are my teeth suitable for tooth whitening? Bleaching of teeth is intended for people who want a 'whiter smile'. Teeth whitening can be performed to reduce discoloration and yellowing entirety, or simply provide a whiter, healthier smile. How white your teeth can continue whitening is a common question with a very subjective answer. However, the clinic bleaching without risk and treatment will not make the enamel more porous, or otherwise damage your teeth or fillings. The active ingredient in the proprietary whitening gel is still hydrogen peroxide, which has been used for hair and tooth staining in almost 100 years. Zoom method is approved by health authorities worldwide. Several other teeth whitening products are marketed and sold today can not ensure that the patient can not swallow whitening gel since these treatments are often made at home with the patient during uncontrollable circumstances. Unlike 'home bleaching', it's dentists and dental hygienists performing Clinic Bleaching. In addition, teeth and gums prior to treatment will be separately examined and evaluated in relation to undergo a clinic bleaching.

Sensitive teeth

Does it hurt? Only a few, less than 10% will experience sensitive teeth during whitening. It might be solved with a pain pill before starting treatment. Icing ceases when treatment ends and is rarely a problem. Quite generally accepts all to sit with blocking the mouth of the approximately 40 minutes actual whitening products without problems. Be aware though, if you have very shriveled lips or cold sores, which may make them more uncomfortable.

How long does a tooth whitening?

How long will the results last? Producers promise generally 3-5 year shelf life. However, this may vary depending on your consumption of tobacco, red wine and your ability to clean teeth. What about fillings and crowns on teeth? By default fillings and crowns be whiter, and it may be necessary after examining change or modify some fillings. Smaller, newer composite fillings are often a translusens (permeability to light) which makes them to some extent takes the color of the teeth whiter. Talk to your dentist or dental hygienist and get to know whether you are a candidate for tooth bleaching or if you really must have other cosmetic dental treatments to get the smile you want.

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