Cosmetic dentistry and Makeovers. About Plastic fillings, Dental crowns, Teeth Whitening and Bleeching. 

Beautification of the teeth and may take place at many levels. It can range from tooth replacements, porcelain facades and plastic for bleaching - to the Makeovers. There can be many reasons why you are bored with their teeth look. It may be in with cosmetic dentistry, in addition to beautify all about quality of life.

Factors affecting the color of your teeth

By nature's tooth color usually yellowish-white. Looking at a front tooth, it will be whiter at the cutting edge and more yellow at the gumline. Comparing to the second corner of the front teeth, it will be clearly more yellow and dense in color than the incisors. There are large variations from person to person, but it is characteristic that the teeth color becomes darker, grayer with age. Some switches are more yellowish than the other. Whether due to the internal structure of the tooth or due to discoloration from, for example tobacco, coffee, tea and red wine or red wine, and the ingestion of food products with very dye, such as cherry, bilberry, or prevent the accumulation of dental calculus. Underlying discolouration can also be caused by poorly mineralized areas of enamel due to acid attack from the former plaque, or there may be a nerve death in a damaged tooth or a dental root canal treated already, which leave a gray or bluish gray color.

How to make your teeth whiter?

Thorough cleaning by a dentist or hygienist will remove the external stains derived from food and tobacco. Use a toothpaste that is specifically directed against stains such as Colgate Sensation Whitening, which may help to control the amount of discoloration between dental visits and removing stains for example coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco. If stains have been there a long time, you should get your dentist or dental hygienist to remove stains. They know how to do it without damaging the teeth. Discoloration is located deeper in the structure of the tooth can often bleached. Are stains violent they can possibly be covered with a layer of tooth-colored plastic or the tooth can be fitted with a crown of tooth-colored material. Talk to your dentist about what suits best.

How does tooth-colored plastic?

For the deposition of a layer of tooth-colored plastic can cover the surface of the discolored teeth and to a lesser extent to adjust the tooth shape. It is also possible to attach a modified, dental porcelain to be dyed (porcelain exterior) of the tooth. Learn more about these two common methods below.

Stoking the tooth-colored plastic

Often one is forced to sharpening the tooth front slightly to accommodate the plastic. Perform one does not want this sharpening of the tooth with the extra layer of plastic could easily seem clumsy. Then the tooth is etched surface of a bit. It becomes rough and the plastic can better stick. The right color plastic applied to the tooth and is given the right kind. The plastic is then cured under the irradiation with ultraviolet light. The surface is polished at the end.

Porcelain Facades

The façade made to fit to the tooth color and shape. Porcelain facades are generally stronger than use of plastic, but is also more expensive. Facade Coatings is a good way to repair teeth on. Exterior Coatings may include closing the small unwanted spaces, cover discolorations, fillings, brighten yellow teeth, correct crooked teeth, or to change a tooth's appearance. Porcelain Veneers are very thin between 0.3 to 0.5 mm in thickness and very strong and will be applied directly to teeth. Exterior coatings secured with a special cement glue. Porcelain Veneers are expensive, but it's easier to get it to resemble the other teeth. One should probably expect that the treatments must be repeated with 5 to 10 years.

White composite fillings

While the use of silver amalgam is strongly decreasing, plastic wins more and more and has now overtaken the number of amalgam fillings. And although there are currently not eligible large plastic fillings in molars. Plastic has many qualities, both aesthetic and functional. The plastic is soft when it is placed on the tooth, which occurs in small thin layers. Each layer is cured individually with ultraviolet light. Plastic is more complicated and time consuming to work with than silver amalgam. Cosmetic plastic filling is definitely a good solution where other choices might otherwise be more expensive solutions like porcelain facade or porcelain crown.

About the bleaching

Teeth whitening can be done either at the dentist (clinic bleaching) or home (home bleaching) using a dental bleaching kit, dispensed by the dentist. In both cases, the dental bleaching gel, as in an oxidation process bleaches stains. It is not unusual that the teeth are slightly sensitive for a period after the bleaching. Bleaching at home is a popular method today. The dentist takes an impression of the jaw, where you need to whiten your teeth and have produced a soft plastic rail which can surround your teeth. The splint used to maintain the teeth whitening gel in contact with the teeth. It is important that you follow clinic instructions and you should also read the manufacturer's instructions. The bleaching effect is relatively fast, and you should at short intervals will be checked at the clinic in the bleaching period.

Whitening at the Dentist

It is applicable in those cases where discoloration are as distinguished that it is likely that the bleaching in the home would be inefficient. At the clinic, there are other options than those the patient can use. For example, Brite Smile or Zoom, which is known from 'Extreme Makeover' and 'The Swan' as seen on TV and reported to give a whiter smile in about 60 min. Zoom whitening should be performed by dental personnel. How a Treatment: Your dentist takes a swatch of your current shade of your teeth, gums and mucous membranes protected with a material and whitening gel is applied to the teeth, Zoom light is active in 3 x 20 minutes and bleaches during this time your teeth. The manufacturer says that after treatment, your teeth on average 8 shades lighter.

Will there again discolorations on my teeth?

There may be any of the dental stains, including the teeth, which have been treated as described above. Smoking, coffee, tea, red wine and food with high content of dyes can be the cause. Brush your teeth with a toothpaste that is specially designed to prevent stains such as Colgate Tartar Plus Whitening and Fresh Zendium + White.

About Tooth Jewelry

A beautiful smile can also be highlighted with a tooth ornament. The method is quite simple. The piece is glued on the intact tooth. There must not be drilled, so the tooth is not damaged. Tooth The piece may be easily removed or replaced with a different model, without damage to the tooth. Ask your dentist.

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