Choosing a dentist. About the choice of Dentist, Dentistry and Dentist Prices. How to switch Dentist?

Yes, you can choose your dentist - it is up to you. You can also switch between different dentists whichever treatment you need and you can get your x-rays with you if you switch your dentist. In practical terms, what happens is that your new dentist acquires a copy of your medical record with X-rays at your previous dentist. Recently when you're 18 years old, you must choose his own private dentist. As mentioned, free choice, and you can choose to move from one dentist to another, as you wish. Most will, however, with their dentist for a long time. It shows a wide range of studies. Dentists are different - and patients are different. So it's important to find a dentist who you trust and who you can talk to. If you are not satisfied with your dentist, you can switch to a new, and the dentist does not live in your vicinity. The choice is yours.

Dentistry for Children and Adolescents

Children and young people under 18 are free to choose whether it wants to find his own private dentist or be in the public dental care. Selection of private dentistry rather than the the dental care by the public provide, in return of a significant level of user charges. If you want a more expensive treatment than what the public dental care are entitled to use such plastics in cheek teeth instead of silver to pay the public, where appropriate, only with a corresponding silver filling would cost. The young child or parent can sign a dental and health insurance.

About Dental Costs

Dentist Prices. You should be aware that nearly 3 out of 4 of the dentist's general services usually have fixed prices of all dentists, so it is as a rule only by larger and less frequent treatments, a tender is required. At the same time you should consider whether the price is the only parameter in your dental treatment that are important when choosing a dentist. Other elements such as trust in the dentist specialties and equipment, quality of work, geographical conditions and the possibility of follow-up care is also essential.

Major Dental Treatments: Ask for a price quote

Major treatments. For specific treatments and major dental work may be mentioned well be a good idea to get quotes from several different dentists since dentists often specialize in specific treatments such as implants, paradentosis, jaw surgery, orthodontics etc and therefore may have invested in training and special clinic equipment or have established special agreement with the dental laboratory in combination with an offer of credit Installment etc Factors that make a given major treatment may be performed more efficiently and at a lower price, and on more favorable terms. The choice is yours. - Click typical costs by major dental treatments >>

Dental Treatment abroad

Dental treatment abroad. You also have the option to choose a dentist abroad. You can typically get the same reimbursement for treatment abroad (EU), which you get in this country. The same subsidy is given for dental treatment in EEA countries, in addition to the EU are Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. But the treatment abroad, you must first pay the full amount and then apply yourself to your municipality may recover a portion of the post. Therefore, check whether the treatment you want to get done now also eligible. Be also aware that the possibilities of appeal and compensation can vary widely from country to country. - Click here to see answer 39 for dental treatment abroad >>

Treatment here after Dental visits abroad

Just as one can switch between dentists, one can also go to a dentist in this country, after having been to a dentist abroad. If you need a larger dental treatment or multiple treatments over a longer period is recommended to maintain the same dentist, with optimal results are best achieved if the same dentist can constantly monitor and continually make adjustments if necessary. In most cases, a dentist in this country always greet you and arrange for necessary treatment. But in case of damage after treatment or poorly done dental work abroad, you must be prepared that you may be asked to go back to the dentist abroad to make good the damage or making adjustments. It is the dentist every right to - unless you have pain and urgent need for treatment. You may also expect that the dentist in this country will ensure there is documentation that any defects or damage have occurred before start of a possible treatment. This can be done via X-rays or a letter on your dental status, you are signing. The reason is that the dentist does not risk being held accountable for the faulty work performed by the dentist abroad. The dentist has the right to charge for the collection of evidence.


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