Wrinkles. Botox, filler and laser for scars, wrinkle reduction and creped skin?

With age, skin loses its suppleness and elasticity resulting in wrinkles. Different types of wrinkles have different expressions, some of them we would do without and still others bear witness to life experience and helps to give the face character. Smile wrinkles are charming while other wrinkles give a tired or angry look that we want to do without. Almost all wrinkles may be either eliminated or greatly reduced. However, an age effect on the outcome. You should always check in advance of a medical assessment of whether your wrinkles can be eliminated or reduced and what outcome to be expected. There are several different treatments for improving the skin, in the form of wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, pigments power. blood blasts. Methods for wrinkle reduction are from injections to lasers and facelifts, why it is important that you seek a clinic that is staffed by specialists who are familiar with the various treatment methods which can assess the needs and expectations held up against what the different ' techniques' can achieve. Likewise, it is important that the clinic offers all treatments in the field, so the offered treatment does not depend on what method the clinic happen mastered.

About Botox and laser to treat forehead wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles are dynamic wrinkles that result from muscle contractions of the forehead muscles. Generally, the treated eyebrow with injection such as Botox to relax the muscles and prevents the further folding of the skin. If the wrinkles are less likely that you know regular Botox treatment will eventually get an almost complete smoothing of wrinkles. Are wrinkles deeper you can use Skin Laser type Fraxel or Pixel. Laser Treatment will be able to start the formation of new collagen and remove the pigments as a result of eg solar. Two to four treatments with four to six weeks apart must be expected. Laser treatment does not replace the injection as the skin will continue to get wrinkles if the constant folded. In rare cases, a forehead lift can be the solution.

Scars from acne, pimples

Scars after surgery - and especially after acne can worsen appearance of skin aging and give skin a crimped look. Simultaneously, acne patients are often large pore size, which further aggravate the skin's appearance. Scars from acne can never be removed completely, but can be reduced to a tolerable minimum. How large a reduction which can be obtained is only partially predictable, since it depends on the depth of the lesions and shape. Typically, a reduction of 75% being achievable after five treatments. The improvement consists of flattening of the scar, and in some cases by a change in scar color. In rare cases, you can use the so-called fillers such as Perlane and Aquamid to push the depressions in the scar up.

Laser treatment 'smile wrinkles'

Smile wrinkles on the side of the eyes are also dynamic wrinkles that result from muscle contractions of the mimic muscles around the eyes. Smile wrinkles are usually perceived as something positive. In those cases where they are very heavy, they can, however, be construed as rapid aging of the skin. The usual starting dose of smile lines with Botox, which relaxes the muscles around the eyes and hinder the continued folding of the skin. It is possible to vary the treatment so that you can keep some of the wrinkles. This is done by giving smaller doses and place them in the right places. If the wrinkles are less there is hope that if they regularly receive Botox treatment will eventually get an almost complete smoothing of wrinkles. If wrinkles are deeper, you can also use this type of Skin Laser and Fraxel or Pixel. Laser treatment does not replace the injection as the skin will continue to get wrinkles.

Pigment Changes

Pigment changes mainly due to sun or hormonal influences. The sun-damaged skin is seen at the beginning a slightly turbid complexion that of eager sunbathers with delicate Nordic skin types are becoming increasingly faded. In laser treatment can restore complexion and wrinkles are minimized. Pigment change especially in the younger years, because hormonal exposure either during pregnancy or using birth control pills. The condition is called melasmaog. Other, less frequent changes can be pigmented spots after wounds and burns or beauty spots that are not treated with laser, but primarily surgically removed. Not least the appearance of certain types of skin cancer as pigmentation. It can be hard to make the correct diagnosis in some types of skin cancer. You should always consult a dermatologist if you want pigmentation treated.

Wrinkled and creped skin

Wrinkled and creped skin is frequent the places on the face and body where the skin mainly been in the sun, for example, forehead, cheeks and upper lip and hands and the deep neckline. Most often seen simultaneously pigmented skin varying from slightly turbid to the actual onset stains as this type of pigment change also due to the sun. Wrinkled skin requires treatment with Skin Laser type Fraxel or Pixel, as this at once treats pigmentation and wrinkles. There will be some two to four treatments with four to six weeks apart.

Fillers Lip Wrinkles

Wrinkles on the lips are part of the skin on the lips partly down over the lip red mucosa. The boundary between the skin and mucous membrane consists of a distinct line, Vermillion Border. When wrinkles goes all the way from the skin of Vermillion Border and into the lip-red, the wrinkles will be very visible and through Vermillion Border. Simultaneously frequently noted that fat tissue in the lips fades. This means that the lips will be more tight and shriveled. Finally, the two folds from nose to upper lip, giving a more aged appearance. Typically, the treatment of the lips, wrinkles begin with injection of permanent or temporary "filler". A kind of "polyfilla", which in this case be brought under the mucosa close to the lip contour. This will lift the lip position and usually give a more distinct lip line. By shriveled lips or desire for more density, injected into the lip red. By injecting fillers, there is reconstruction with a slight enlargement of the lips tilfølge - and not a classical lip augmentation. When the lip wrinkles using Skin Laser type Fraxel or Pixel. A laser treatment that will start the formation of new collagen and remove pigments due to eg sun. Treatments should be done step by step so you can follow the results.

Botox, fillers and 'angry wrinkles'

Frown lines between the eyebrows is called dynamic wrinkles that result from muscle contractions of the mimic muscles of the nose and eyebrows, which gradually become more or less permanent and provide a permanent sour and angry looks. Again, the treatment will typically begin by injection eg Botox, which relaxes muscles and thus prevent the continued folding of the skin. If the wrinkles are less likely that you know regular Botox treatment will eventually get an almost complete smoothing of wrinkles. Are wrinkles deeper and disappear they do not satisfactorily by injection, one can in addition use a "filler". A filler is like "polyfilla" with the difference that it is injected under the skin and thus fills the wrinkle from within. Filler is either temporarily or permanently, such as Restylane such as Aquamid. Filler does not replace the injection treatment, as the skin will continue to get wrinkles. Here, too, can in certain cases combined with the Skin Laser that will be able to start the formation of new collagen and to remove the pigments due to the instance sunlight. In the treatment of frown lines with injection, a side benefit is that people with tension headaches are a significant reduction or even get rid of the headache.


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