Bad breath or Halitosis. About oral hygiene, hunger breath and problems with his neck.

Bad breath is usually a result of poor oral hygiene, tooth decay or something you have eaten, smoked or drank. Only rarely will there be a disease. Garlic is known to cause bad breath, but also dairy products like cheese may be a reason. The same applies to the coffee. Bad breath will rarely be a symptom of disease of the nose, throat, neck, tonsils or sinuses. In diabetics, acetone smell from mouth a sign that your blood sugar is too high. Diabetic blood sugar should then immediately checked. Bad breath caused by frequent sore throat almost always caused by infection of the tonsils. Do you have frequent sore throat and associated bad breath, it helps certainly to remove the tonsils. - Click to learn more about the throat and tonsils >>

About Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath can be cured. Studies show that more than every other has bad breath in the morning because of conditions in the oral cavity. Metabolism is in fact set up in the morning and clean the mouth not to the same extent when we sleep. When the muscles in the mouth more calm, and the production of saliva is greatly reduced. This in turn means that the amount of exfoliated mucosal cells and bacteria in the oral cavity increases, because they are not washed away by saliva. If you are among those who breathe through the mouth, the bad breath is amplified further.

Tips on Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene. Saliva stimulation is needed to remove the substrate and deposits. Saliva is nature's mouthwash. Saliva cleans, so drink water often, eat healthy and eat regularly, which promotes the production of saliva, which helps to remove sulfur gases in the mouth. Here is mastication of coarse food is best, but also sugar-free gum or lozenges with strong flavor can help. For those who need more, we recommend zinc-containing products such as Zinc Oral tablet, but also Zendium mouthwash that can be purchased at pharmacies eg. There is not a panacea, but they are definitely some odor reducing effect, which is better than just to camouflage the smell of bacteria such as peppermint. But no matter what is the best means first and foremost a good oral hygiene.

Bad breath with pregnancy, children and elderly

Hormonally dependent bad breath: May occur in connection with menstruation and pregnancy. As a pregnant woman can in fact be more susceptible to health problems in the mouth such as gingivitis. Therefore, make extra of oral hygiene during pregnancy. Halitosis in children: Is often inflamed tonsils where food particles and bacteria hiding in small cavities in the tonsils. Bad breath in the elderly: Can have a number of reasons such as illness, changes in salivary glands, dry mouth, poor oral hygiene, irregular meals, medication and changes in metabolism are factors that typically come into play.

About stinky "Hunger breath"

Hunger breath. The longer time has passed since we've eaten, the greater is the risk of bad breath. Formed less saliva, allowing more bacteria. In the absence of food particles in the mouth to the microflora in the oral cavity plunging into proteins and the exfoliated mucosal cells. Surprisingly, few people with bad breath that are aware of it. In most cases is due to an imbalance in the oral environment. Here, for example Zendium mouthwash refreshing and contains zinc, fluoride, enzymes and xylitol, which reduces bacteria formation. Zinc inhibits the formation of sulfur-containing compounds that cause bad breath.

Chronic bad breath

In the chronic oral malodor. The bad breathe can be caused by a fungal or bacterial infection of the oral cavity to be treated. If you are a smoker, bad breath is caused by a hairy tongue, and so it may help to brush your tongue with the toothbrush. The unpleasant odor can also come from holes or pockets where food debris settles. So the smell disappears when you remove the cause of the toothbrush or toothpick. If the bad breath does not originate from the mouth, it may come from the larynx, pharynx, sinuses, tonsils, tongue root, or stomach. And in those cases, you should talk with their doctor. - Click and read about the throat, tonsils and bad breath >>

Brushing, toothpicks and dental floss

What do I do? The best remedy is mentioned first and foremost a good oral hygiene. It helps to keep teeth clean and gums healthy. Brush your teeth often and use toothpicks and floss. Contribution of the tongue can be reduced by brushing or scraping the surfaces of the tongue. For example, Aquafresh a special tongue toothbrush or you can use a special tongue scraper (available for example at the pharmacy). The tongue must in most cases, brushed before to get rid of the smell. If the bad breath caused by foods or a night out the night before, the lozenges with strong flavors such as peppermint or eucalyptus can help. Or you could use a refreshing breath spray or mouthwash, but also sugar-free gum for example V6 can help. Some have mentioned the benefits of zinc-containing products for bad breath such as Zinc Oral tablet or Zendium mouthwash. The best remedy is a good oral hygiene, how many have a better oral hygiene by using an electric toothbrush such as Oral-B Triumph. Also note that smoking can worsen bad breath.

Advice against bad odor from the mouth

Additional advice. Lemon helps prevent bad breath. Gurgl water with lemon juice. If you chew parsley, you get a fresh breath. And then you can buy at the pharmacy Chlorophyll tablets. They contain the green dye, which also contains parsley and takes the smell of garlic, for example. Also works against perspiration odor. A new and perhaps effective product against bad breath, is SB12 which promises 12 hours of power. Product SB12 is available at pharmacies and in more dentists. - Click here for information about fluoride, tooth decay and tooth decay >>

Tell if you notice bad breath in other

Many find it hard to grasp the problem and feel it's embarrassing. Grasp the problem and tell me if you notice bad breath in others - after the first embarrassing seconds, they will thank you.


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