Behind the Health portal HEXDOCTOR, is CEO, Steffen Hjort (DK), who for many years has worked with management and consultancy within the Healthcare sector, including Private Health Care Financing and online Dental Loans. A business area which in 2010 was sold to a leading European Finance Group. HEXDOCTOR is a registered trademark.

Healthcare and wellbeing

HEXDOCTOR is a specialized provider of information within health care, dental care, surgery, disease, and Alternative medicine. A dedicated health portal that covers conditions and activities related to human welfare. Health and medical information presented on the portal are either given by persons qualified health professional or obtained from reliable sources. The content covers everything from dental and medical specialties to alternative treatment options and is a virtual guide to knowledge about the body and health.

Founder of the Portal

Mr. Steffen Hjort has been head of the Dental chain "yourDENTIST". He was originally trained as an Officer in the Danish Air Force, has completed executive education at CBS - Copenhagen Business School, and since the mid-70s, worked in private industry as a Director, CEO and Consultant, and Lecturer. Mr. Steffen Hjort is the author of the book: Electronic Marketing, 1995 and stands behind the report: The Dental Market, 2003, and was previously a writer on the magazine DENTAL, published for dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists.

Limitation of Liability

The content on the portal HEXDOCTOR is for informational purposes only. The material is in no way intended to replace Professional Medical Care or attention by a Qualified person, and can not be used as a basis for diagnosis or choice of treatment. If you are a user of the website have any questions or health concerns, you should always consult your own doctor, dentist or other appropriate healthcare professional. - Disclaimer >>

Private Healthcare

HEXDOCTOR act as an intermediary between patients and authorized physicians and pharmacies, but we are not an online pharmacy. Through links we give patients access to doctors and pharmacies for private medical treatment. A collaboration which in practice has many features in common with a pharmacy and patient way to prescription drugs.

Medical questions

Unfortunately our team did not answer individual health questions, either by telephone or via e-mail. It emphasizes that the articles and FAQs dealing with specific problems are not adequate for all. Therefore, if you notice medical symptoms or feel ill, you should always consult your own doctor.

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